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A jaded douchebag that likes making children cry.
~Mulder and Skully appear behind TCF, examining him
I'll be taking my part of the credit for your new sprites, and also some cash for those 'items' you bought from me.
I got a virgin for 600 in the back Ani, if you're interested.

And 250 for the mudkips, they're a pair.
A random comic out of boredom/ to update the comic. Just showing off Al's 'shop' and 'goods'. And yes, that is Snuffles, Mav's box for Ani, and Blobby in said box.
The D: cloud is win
Alberio Sprites:
Intro of everyone's favorite insane conman salesperson, Alberio!

Shit speech bubbles are shit, been a while since I made a comic and I still need to figure photoshop out, I am noobish.
Indeed it is, and hopefully I can get my intro up soon-ish. I'm having what Mav had, been so long since I made a comic.
The guest was me....shitty internet....
Twitch ftw, and Knuckles. Those two are just epic. Period.
I suriously love this comic DGF. It's purdy. An very artistic, with a great vision behind it, that what makes it an amazing comic in my mind. Keep it up, and BRAVO with no fillers!

PS. Did you get my character discription on <3 Comics? Is it good enough to have my character be part of this vision of yours?
That's just how Ani is, can't stand to stupid. He's a firing squad to the idiotic. Personally I think he has every right to be an ass to someone, but that's because I'm just as tired of stupidity as he is. So fire away Ani! Just clean up the mess afterwards. need me or you wouldn't have a meat shield to protect you!
Yay, I updated and it took fricken long enough.

New summon, Thanatos, a-la Chaos Legion like. Birdy's not there because it's flying too high...yeah....not because I don't have it's sprite....

Thanatos- nt=Thanatos.png
I'm very disappointed Ani, I gave you Azure powers and your still defeated? You better come back or I will be very displeased.
Ah the balance is restored! And you helped everyone out! Now Sephiroth doesn't need to go kill the undead whore again, you save Tifa the trouble of winning Cloud over, and you also aided in Cloud's emo-ness by cutting him for him! It's a win-win!
No rum for you, Aids. I'm cutting your tab, you owe me too much munny from you rum expenses...
South Dakota! ~head blown off~
Damn Mav beat me to the punch, but I want to the next comic of the story after his. DIBS!