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@kcspice: So really Bowser is doing the world a favour here!
@Aramadon: It was
It got renamed to and I don't know if it still exists.
@Lemmy Koopa fan : Well, in this comic its how Bowser's father looks, aka King Bowser Koopa II!
@reis: A little late, but wish granted!
@uh oh spaghettios: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

At least I think that's where its from. I got it from but I don't think the site exists anymore.
@kcspice: Thanks! Good to be back. I took my time with this page to try and keep it up to some level of quality, hopefully it paid off!
The consequences for failure are revealed, and a hero meets his end. Metaknight's tampering with the Code of the Dreamland Game World have caused a glitch; Kirby's powers don't work properly against Bowser. Ordinarily Kirby would have no problem defeating our favourite tyrannical ruler, but now?

He may as well be marshmallow.
After a very long hiatus I find myself wanting to continue again, I wrote a Newspost about why I was gone for so long, so if you'd like to know, its all there.

So now we see what Bowser III (our Bowser, the yellow one), has planned - unless Bowser Jr. (technically Bowser IV), can beat him to it...

Oh, and if you're wondering, after King Bowser II's invasion of the Prime World, they made movies about a kaiju attack...
Yeah I know, been a very long while, but life, as they say, intervened. This has always been mainly a hobby for me, so other stuff comes first, I'm sure you all understand.

Anyways, stick with me, the explanation Professor E. Gadd is embarking on here is a little convoluted.
Definitely. I've got pages in progress but at the moment I'm out of the Uk on holiday, and I'm not back until the 9th. Updates will resume soon though.
'A Strange Energy' could be the name of Robin Williams' autobiography, incidentally.

And yes, I know Prof. E. Gadd isn't holding a phone, but come on, he's a genius mad scientist, I'm pretty sure he figured out hands-free systems of his own.
More updates on the way! I've had a lot of work to do lately, and it's all been a bit crazy!
An on time update, and I'm pleased with it.

If anyone is confused - the coloured writing in the last two panels is the 'narrator' voice. Little bit of 4th wall japery.

The EGadd guide to the multi-gameworld theory will have to wait, and potentially next week's update will be late by a few days. I'm going up north to visit a friend who got engaged recently, and then I have a coursework assignment to complete. But after that updates should resume as per the norm.
For the first time a page has necessitated a part 5, discuss!

Anyways, story progression, and a little more of a hint about the setting itself, the whole 'game world between games' thing. As I've said previously, within this comic the storylines from games are basically the acting jobs for these guys, but they live a life none of us in the real world sees.

And yes, I know Wreck-It Ralph is about that, but this comic was originally made in 2003/4 so...yeah. I might make a filler issue to post midweek sometime with Professor E.Gadd explaining the GameVerse Theory as he's researched it. Stay tuned!
Panel #1's caption: SHORYUKEN!
@Luffy327: Hah, that was a good one, I tip my hat to you!

@apple-juice: Why thank you, I do try. Not to say others don't but y'know, I didn't want this to look rubbish the second time around.
@Luffy327: Indeed, very true Luffy...but that doesn't mean the second fiddles have to like it, now does it? Muahahahahahaha!

@supercomputer276: Very true, I didn't actually think of that angle when I came up with the sequence, and well spotted actually. For the purposes of the story it isn't actually Castle Lololo, it's just Metaknight's mansion. The only sprites I could find that were Dreamland style and mansion-esque, were these.

@Princess_Eevee9: How is it that people know these things about the comic and I don't lol? Where is the information coming from haha. And well, I'm kinda glad you didn't see it coming, I like to keep folks guessing as far as I'm able ;)

@Guest: Yes, sort of, but only in the actual games. This comic takes place behind the scenes of the games and in between. Think of the games we play as acting jobs to these characters.