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Hi!! My name is Ashlyn! I live in Indiana in the USA and I am 11 years old. Pretty young, right? But I love to read and I am into the Warriors Series. I love to write stories as well and draw cats, although im not as good as some others...
I love the comic by Flashpelt1 ! She is writing a story on a site called Wattpad and she is making a comic for it. Tht was how I was introduced to smackjeeves :). I also like the comic Owlstar's Story. <3. Thts a rly good one!! Although it is just starting off and it doesn't have as many pages as other comics. I have three comics up-- Chasing Storms is a finished book on
Frozen Shadows is a comic by my friend on Wattpad
Lionstar's story is a comic that hasn't been started, and is really more of just an idea. Also, READ WARRIORS: SOUNDS OF THE FOREST!!!
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@Warriors #1 fan: thnx!
Just thought I should say this, but I am making a design for Whitespots.
@GrovyleGoodbye125: IT NT JUST SOMEBODY... but BADGERSOUL!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry if I just ruined it xD you can delete this comment if you think I did xD)
Yeah! That's one of my fav. Warriors books!!! I hate how Mapleshade gets revenge!!! I always feel sorry for Silverkit! (Now Silverstream) the manga in the end of Crookedatar's Promise is sad and happy and exciting!
@Breeze The Sunbreon1:
Omg! Thank you SOOO much! I hate taking extra time to fill the in! Sometimes I get so tired of it that I jut don't do it xD I that's bad... And yeah, I am using the paint. Its EPIC. Lol
Why stop the comic here?! It's gettin good!
A new page, a new day! Comments ARE welcome!!!
It was SUPPOSE to say Minty-Breeze who is too lazy to log in, but it cut off the last few words. I see tht Ur popular on Wattpad for the warriors fan!
The numbers in the last panel represent which order the characters talk in! (Yes, Stormkit is the one who says 'Rainkit! You are alive!')
oh, i forgot to add
did you notice tht Whitestar has a black pupil in the last few panels but in the first few he doesn't?
i love this scene! Even though it is kinda sad... KINDA. because Whitestar kind of ruins Blackheart's life... I can't say any more for those of you who haven't read the book by JenniferRaunch (who is actually Flashpelt1)!
Oh, and Flash? Can you read my new comic, Warriors: Chasing Storms? Its on Smackjeeves... I also have it on Wattpad.
okay, there are only three clans but StreamClan is the main clan. I am ONLY doing the allegiance page for StreamClan! If you want to see the allegiances for EarthClan and or AirClan, go to and look up Chasing Storms. Then you will get a book by AshlynMinks (me)
I got lazy on the last panel. I forgot to paint the background silver and I was too lazy to draw Redstar and Littlestream's full head or body, so I just drew their ears :3
It has launched :3
Idk when Lionstar's Grirf will launch though...
April 20th, 2012
Can somebody explain to me WHY there is a cougar linx and wild on the cover...?
Its still called Warriors Sounds of the Forest. And it's by Flashpelt not Flashpelt1 but they r the same people.
This is in a book on (BTW flashpelt1, I LOOVE it!! I read almost all of it on my Spring Break to Florida) and her name is actually Blackheart, although I do really like that name!