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I am really into this comic although the last few updates have had me begging for more action!
I wish the updates were more frequent but I really like this comic so far..
Wish the updates were more frequent but I totally dig this comic!
I love this shit!!! :D
Love this comic. Interesting and just enough boy lovins. I'm interested to see where it goes from here.
This is an intriguing take on the typical vampire comic. I'm quite interested to see where it goes from here.
I love your comics! I only wish you could update more frequently!
At first I was unsure about this comic but the dialogue and art style have me hooked. Can't wait for more.
@leigh: I thought Target would be cutest to try to come to the rescue, since he had been there and was so disturbed by it, but I don't know how helpful he'd be as we haven't seen any of his...well, whatever talents it would be that have given him the surname of target, but seeing as how he showed some emotion for arrow already, I'm curious. Also, is arrow as childlike as he seems? He did do SOMETHING that he "should have been hung for". So does he have some tricks up his seemingly innocent sleeve? Methinks so.
I just discovered this comic yesterday and have to say its already one of my favorites, from the art to the story... And I check prolly 50+ comics for updates a day so I think that's saying something! (other than the fact that I'm a nerd, that is!) but anyway, I hope you don't abandon this comic! I love it and even if you don't get people doing the interactive thing I hope you see it through to a reasonable conclusion!
As a gamer and a comic lover, this is the best! I can't wait to see what happens in the future!
Very cute comic. Can't wait for more.
This is one of my favorite comics--out of like 50, cuz I'm a nerd like that... So keep up the good work... Although I did think it was kinda cheesy that he passed out during the kiss... Come on, who does that?! Adrenaline shoulda kicked in if nothing else!! But it is cute and I ain't hating. I just don't find it very believable, despite the stress the boy was under. But still, I love this comic. Please, continue in your awesomeness.