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wow! so good! Even if this haven't updated in a long time, re reading this is never boring. hope you come back soon.
Derek your so sweet :3
Dream seeker? :)
The brother has sharp teeth, is he a vampire too? :)
lol I was wondering about your art style. Glad that you got your table to work back to normal. Now how will the brother treat the others, ku ku ku can't wait for more :D
oh ho ho i like the brother already :3, and Irie you are so cute as always >W<
Welcome back! Glade you are ok :D <3
so cute!!! <3 so excited for you
O_O <3 omg... its thing is going to be good >w< Alex expression on the last panel is the best :3
River..hmm I might be thinking too much into this, but could it be related to the time Kae had that flashback dream when he was sick in Dez place?...
awww! so cute and romantic! more i want more >v</
They are so cute, kiss him Alex!
ahhh i can't wait for more
Ahh this is so cute <3 >//<
whoa, things just got more heated up :D
aww he is so cute when hes drunk <3
Buzz off, I got this
awww he's blushing >//^//<. Been awhile of these two together
Awww, he's blushing ^_^