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You can call me AC. I grew up in Eugene, OR, and I've moved to Atlanta, GA for school, work, and now my fiancee. I've yet to get an actual job going in the comic industry, so while I'm working on that, this will be an oasis for me to retreat to in my spare time.

I like drawing/writing comics, RPG's, Rammstein, Hanz Zimmer, and pesto sauce. I don't like eggs.

Since I'm new to Smack Jeeves, it might do you some good to check out my DeviantART page to get to know me better.
@LadyArrowsmith: I really hope to! I have a huge script planned out and so much other prep work for it! Frankly, I didn't expect my career to pick up so quickly though, so with my current schedule, I'm not sure. I've been thinking about pitching it to a publisher in the future. Thank you very much!
Thanks for being patient, folks. It's been way too long! I keep struggling to get back to this, but it's just not my first priority. I've got a lot scripted out for this baby; it's just a matter of finding the time to draw it.
Wait, Galahad. Let me tell you more!
I couldn't hear you, pumpkin! What did you say?!
Okay, NOW I'm done with page 9!
@Wulfmune: Aw thank you! Lately I've been inspired by Sean Murphy, Pasqual Ferry, and Corrado Mastantuono. Maybe you should check them out! :)
HAHAHA Omg they actually say kek? That's so great!
@DigitalSpiritX: Hahahaha! She should!
@emruki: Thank you so much! It's kind of hard for me to keep track of my improvement now since I don't judge it on how much I learn of human anatomy anymore. And it was freshman year, actually... unless you were ahead of me and I don't remember.
I didn't realize your comic was on SJ. I always thought it was just on DA. *faves*
Unfortunately, now I've run out of sheep to draw. My script needs more sheep in it. Hmmm....
I had a few fights with Photoshop on this one, but I think it turned out okay in the end.
April 10th, 2012
@mariealbertine Daww thank you for the flattery. And absolutely! I would LOVE to be listed on your site. Thank you so much! :)
I'm trying some new things here. What do you guys think of the new word bubbles? They're a little more work for me, but I think they look more natural than the ellipse tool.
Also, what do you think of my hatching on the background? Yay? Nay?
April 9th, 2012
I'm so glad I found this! I love your characters, your artwork, your plot... All around clever, snazzy, and fun. You deserve more attention. Care if I link you on my own comic?
GASP! Mordred is... EVIL?!!
According to Nick (my fiancee), I killed off the best character yet. Why are the good ones so easy to kill? Hahaha.
@FlyingPencil: Thank you! :)
@Tigeri102: Thanks a bunch! I'm actually just starting to upload this thing, so no one's seen it yet. Page layout isn't done yet either.