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...did anyone get that?
Their up to something..
I think I might know what going to happen next
lol, best way to scared someone half to death.
She a zorua? didn't see that coming
@Alice: Thats the move Substitute
That's got to hurt
I think I might know what happen next
Uh oh, didn't think this was going to happen ^^;
Zombie Pokemon
This so feel like the walking dead
Some people never learns
March 16th, 2017
@M.W: why they always do that. Thinking their done, their guard down and have been attacked.
March 10th, 2017
rule number one, never let your guard down
@Labbed: A bit? she just exploded with electricity
one bed huh?
guess they have to share the bed
That could be a problem
Uh oh
I think calling the hospital is a little too late
4 panel??
I don't want to know what happen there
No. No, no,no. Please don't tell me that place is what I think it is