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Josh, sweetheart, you're amazing. And hilarious.
I half want to share my snacks, half to hide them under the table while hissing "mine" :)
what...what did Kanani do? Doesn't look like she choked him, am I forgetting something about her, how did she disable the purple dude's magic?
This cover is just <3
Circe and Castalia are really like sisters to each other XD
yay, I have so many questions and await them answers *v* I love info dumps XD
January 28th, 2016
The brother???

Ooooooooooh my god next page come faster~

here, have the family tree handy.
I am still very much confused, let's hear more of the story!
This is gold! I love it so much!

sorry, I'm not much of a commenter...But I joined the fan club when the original story was maybe 2/3 of the way in...

You are my idol, Deda ^^
Thank you so much for the story, I sincerely enjoyed from the beginning to end. You are really good at this, you made so many people(including me :)) laugh, and cry, and just, in general, react to it :)