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I like drawing, sleeping and birds~

Have a wonderful day! ´v`
England Is My City
hey i made a discord come join if u want to!
That terrible moment when u consider Gannet x Luke :') they all look cute and deserve to be happy all hail the gays~
the coloring is so beautiful asdfggt
good job my dude. adorable dudes in a pretty enviroment (nice backgrounds) B)
I love that the cover for the comic is this page xD
This comic is super satisfying, especially now after seeing this cutiepie in a crop top <3
A non-homophobic mom in a BL? Those are rare.
Awesome comic btw B)
@imaqt16: sorry, i just changed it now ^^;
and dear lord what is going on xD
@FluffyRhino: sorry, i just changed it now ^^;
Ok so my exam hell starts tomorrow, so I might be absent for a looong time BUT(t)!!!! I've made a tumblr account for UY! Hurray! I'll post sketches and extra comics there and you are more than welcome to ask the characters stuff

Have a super nice day! Eat your daily vegetables, hug a tree~ <3
@imaqt16: maybe after i've finished this chapter :D it's interesting to see who people like
@Riaya: aw, nice ^^
@ValEspejo: <333 and yes r.i.p jens xD
@imaqt16: holy shit. is this a glitch? hahaha. horny cat girl ftw :'D
Today is this comic's 1 year anniversary!
Man, one year ago I was so freaking bored that I decided to actually publish me and my friend's crappy story (#NoShame) and now this has escalated to.. 71 pages, 3 chapters. wtf even..
I honestly don't know how to feel about this. I'm super overwhelmed, //but also super embarrassed//
I kinda want to tell people I know in real life about this comic, but also not really haha. "4k people are reading my comic" "woah for real? What is your comic called??" "...nevermind" :'D

alternative way of how this page could've been:
@ZHODY the delfinator: it's for them screamin in spanish :)