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@Janobii: I appreciate the comment! I'm probably not going to update, because the character actually got recycled, and my art has changed so much, and I'm starting a new project with her... ^_^'
is he... no, he can't be.... but yet... hmm...
September 29th, 2013
the worst pi- er, PUDDINGS in Looondooon...
@02321: your response makes me unreasonably happy and now i must jump up and down happily until i become exhausted or accidentally fall out the window next to my computer. ... preferably the former.
September 24th, 2012
... wow he looks like grell in that picture.... (except for he doesn't, i just see grell in everything...)
this is a really cool comic, just a little hard to read at times
@The White Blacksmith: or the "wee ship beasties" as the nac mac feegle would call them...
-_- sorry for lack of updates, i've been busy with play rehearsal. i utterly fail at the screentones in this comic.
@Tamar: aaarrrrghhhh!!! dont use my real name online palm tree of doom!!! but thank you. :3
-_- screentones are evil beings designed to make my work look cheesy. sadness.
I showed this to my friend and she tried to eat my pillow. ... ok i tried to eat a pillow too.
Establishing Shot
Aaannd NOW you see why there were no backgrounds in the previous page. I was waiting for the establishing shot.