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I am a fan of all webcomics, though i prefer funny ones, especially homestuck. I keep up to date on all of the ones that i read for their updates, and cannot wait for each one.
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grab the device!
i mean i know its in a dead kid but seriously grab it already! losing it caused enough damage.
this is going fantastically, and i feel like shes going to turn this whole thing around soon.
I really do like kevin, but i am rooting for alice and kinny to win the war
alice uses sleeping gas. its super effective!
alice uses sleeping gas. its super effective!
comon alice, accept the offer then take him down!
i know she wont do it, but if alice was really clever she would use this opportunity to trick amazingman into thinking she wanted to join him then taking him down
oooh. i really hope will still has a crush on alice! thiscould be good
lemon was really cute in panel 2
one day we're going to see amazingman again right? like its been literal years i believe since the last time we saw kevin. plus that whole plot of the stolen prototype chip and all... although im down to see some shaking up of the status quo for teams if need be
wow kinny that was harsh. i can understand where hes coming from though. she is the reason all of them ended up the way they are. she was selling his inventions to super villains, which dragged lemon into it.
still though, shes been his friend for a long time and hes going too far
wow they seem like a really nice family. so is this where you pull a disney on us?
wow i cant wait to see amazing man vs kinesis for round 2 with both of them having been in training. also i want to see his reaction to alice still on stanley's side.
eh i think she looks the part already. hoenstly i like her look now a lot and i really dotn want her to cut that awesome hair
alice got amazing
I wonder how amazingman is training for superhero duty?
@ChibiSilverWings: no i get where your coming from. stan has done some truly evil things. and he has been unrepentant of these actions. he ahs murdered, stolen, and hired hitmen, however, now alice knows that hes not all villain, that he wants to be a hero. i would've liked to see her confront amazing man at least once more before she found out he was more of an antihero
its finally over
i mean i loved seeing stan's backstory but thank god its finally over. now we can move forward and fight amazingman again. and see his reaction when alice is against him with the "villain". hoenstly i kinda wish stans big reveal came after their next clash so she was still backing a villain next time when he tries to help her
his greatest invention was obviously computer right? to replace will. its koinda obviously leading into a reveal in the next page
it all makes sense
so we finally understand. stan doesnt really want to be a villain, he wants to be a hero and save the world, but chose the path of the villain in order to achieve his goal quicker. This situation reminds me of a quote from onepunchman, "To bring about world peace, you took the easy route, thinking a monster's job was quicker and easier than a hero's. A monster's role is simple after all. All you had to do was defeat heroes." -Saitama