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I graduated from college and can't find a job.
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That makes me sad D: I started reading this before it was finished and recently restarted it since I couldn't remember where I left off...I was hoping for a sequel or shoot off....but I can understand why there isn't one.
I was reading this before the epilogue and I forgot about the website. I'm sorry DDDDDDDDD: But now I AM HERE! And I have read the thing! And I enjoyed the thing! But I kinda wanted them to stay in sharkland XD But hey, cute nephew XD
August 6th, 2013
On the seme/uke thing....I don't see it necessarily top/bottom or more/less dominate. Though usually one applies...when I use it. But when I use it, I don't think of it as uke will take anything...just because it's an uke does not mean it will let anyone beat the crap out of them.

And now that I've rambled....I like this. I found it today. It shall go on my faves soon enough.