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Previously "irys_rocker_thornz

Currently ignoring the elephant in the room.
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Go Figure
I remember stumbling upon this comic a while ago on, oh I don't even recall, and absolutely loved it. I haven't been on smackjeeves in years so I was looking at old comics that I use to like(forced seduction) and I had no idea that you made this beauty. I'm so glad I found it <3.
Your art has come a long way since FS and I find it so charming.
I've heard a couple of George hater comments and I dont know why, seriously she is great maybe she's annoying to Atty but everybody needs that friend who will m ake you smile or have fun...Even if by force >:D
Haha oh funny, Cricket is my nickmame. Like everyone who knows me calls me that..XD
haha that first panel, he knows he's good
Aunti makes me think of math...
haha you just been told! Ooooh!

seriously though, that would so come in handing when someone won't leave you alone lol.
Hey just cuz their alien monsters doesn't mean they don't want love or to cuddle XD