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im an art colege student i dont sleep much and my comics are things me and other people in my dorm write.
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    Justin wilson
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September 7th, 2006
this is the link to the site where you can purchace the new book
its all cool as long as they keep comin i dont care what pace they come at
boner given the finger
that little creature baby thing is freakin me out
hehe no touchee stick
the first frame would make a nice poster
i did get my latest comic after i saw yours it just reminded me of me and my best friend
cool, i look forward to seeing more and ill add you to my favs
i like the style especialy with the type of text that you chose to go with it
hehe i too have imagined what my posing doll would say when i do that.
looks good
thats how i feel about interviews
this seems like something that would happen to me
I'd just tape his mouth shut and make him listen
man now i got that song stuck in my head
hehehe i dont know what makes this so funny but it is nice job
this is such a great comic