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A super short, manga reading, anime watching, book reading, story writing, nail biting, cat hording, panda loving, art drawing, bacon eating, crazy ass, rainbow spewing, love-bucket sending, nose bleeding, Sharpie sniffing, butterfly farting, music blasting, bitch slapping, ass smacking, noise making, pinky swearing, sneaker wearing, candy munching, uke looking, unicorn riding, drop kicking, table flipping, cry baby, drama llama high school student who takes procrastination and insanity to a whole new level, likes Hello Kitty a little too much, and always stops to look for a quick buck.
I really love this cover page, it looks fantastic! :'D
Also, it's really cool that they're girls and look like dudes. I get mistaken for a boy all the time because I have hair like Whales. xD Plus, I dress similarly to her, so it's kind of cool. I love the art, and I hope to read more soon!