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Hatsuharu fangirl
I feel like I'm loitering on this website 'cause I don't draw comics or usually comment. :)
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Woah, is it weird that I came REALLY close to completely understanding his feelings? Like, it was almost the perfect way to describe my least describable mental processes.

Only a tiny bit off. That's actually really cool.
Ooh, I really like the way that the central panel and Doug's panel are framed on a way that makes it look like Ginny is sweeping him away with her arm. :D
Yeah, sure, he'll stop asking THOSE questions, but here the questions become "Why didn't you come back to ME?"

Hope I managed to call that for the next page. :3
Ohhhh, Assistant, sweetie... Geez.
Ooh, the second-hand embarrassment is too real.
Hmm, that shocked look seems like the expression of someone who just met their idol in person for the first time unexpectedly. It's Irony, right? Riiiight?
Oh, right in the heart. I drew in my breath a little when I saw her eyes and that "I'm okay."
Oddly enough, I also have a deceased Uncle Everett. He was apparently pretty cool.
D'awww, they both thought of protecting the other. I love 'em.
Happy birthday!! :D
Started reading an hour or so ago
Cool! I caught up with the comic. I love the art style and the characters so much!! :D
Like hell Jasper would like him better if he went to the other side of the spectrum.
I lick it; therefore, it is mine.
Burn the witch!
Ya had to bring up your mother, didn't you? Everything was happy and peaceful and GOOD and you just had to bring up your mother. What are we gonna do with you, Kaidou?
If only the parents' personalities could just merge. As long as the good sides turned out dominant, Aki and Kaidou could get off scot-free. ^.^
Woohoo! RyuHa forever!
Lol, he reminds me of my big brother. With the "Get pets." and also the inevitable failure at the end. XD
>:( Ryuuta...
Grrrrr, Ryuuta, you better knock that off right now.
Woah. Plot twist!