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"One of my better works"
Too bad your mom can't say the same about you, Xavier.
June 23rd, 2017
Dakota isn't looking at Kennedy right now, Ken is elsewhere ^^
@Lucid: also, the eyeliner <3
@NovaLupe: I think given everybody's level of 'drunk' and the way costumes go, he's probably fine unless he starts flapping and squawking c:
Seeing Gannet with upturned brows/submissive appearance is rare and delicious c:
Wonder of he'll tease him for being taught like a kid x)
Same!! Or rather, it would be, if my friend would come with me and motivate. I have no self control so I need a buddy to get me started/out the door.
Always so beautiful, Annie!
He's rubbing his knuckles. That's one of my favorite signs of affection I'm going to cry
Aw, that big grin!!
Is it fact or just Gannet's speculation that Bailey didn't get hard from dance-grinding?
Ohhhh no ?
May 18th, 2017
Mine too B)
Wow- did that first panel take long? The swing set, the trees...all the shading in every panel. You're amazing, Lucid.
Dylan or Joa? Cause Joa's showing it off <3
@b3nc0: ? 'Badly' fits perfectly fine??
Glad you're back (:
Bailey I see you not wanting him to touch your bf <3

Also, them butts.
God I love her.