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“Hide them boners, boys”

Yeah. In each other.
The hover text 👌 ya dun fucked up
“If it weren’t for you meddling kids!”
Time to shame them for vore
Gather round, form a kink shame circle
I answered my own question by, you know, just reading the next page orz. The dialogue just flowed kinda weird in that panel for me I guess ^^;
What does he mean by 'these kind of effects'? Just Sex stuff?
He smiled!
September 10th, 2017
Haha! I'm both of them.
@Hoagie: um,,,YES PLEASE.
Love the expressions of the other people at the table xD it's almost like Wes WANTS to be smooched! And that challenging smirk in the last panel!
@FinyMime: PLEASE
@spiderwoman: they're not new c: there's feathers behind his shoulders/on his shoulder blades but none on top
My favorite boys <3 I'm so scared for the angst your story will bring- so I anxiously enjoy the sex in the meantime. Love overstimulation!
Crying and drooling is my fav??? I love you lucid!
Holes reference!
@redmarielle: It does make me feel better ^^ and I know I'm just being nitpicky. Just would be kind of jarring for a straight person to say that irl xD

@Quadrant I call myself queer! It's just a different way of phrasing- "oh you're gay?" VS "oh, you're a gay?" Just makes it sound like it's the sole defining characteristic of somebody.
It comes across as dehumanizing at its worst, or in Wes's case, just ignorant.
@Quadrant: right? Yikes xP

Just..using it that way, too. It sounds even more derogatory when it's 'you're a queer?!" And not "you're queer"

Like, I've never called myself 'a queer' like people don't usually say they're "a trans". Makes it sound so...eugh, like it's their only defining trait. Just me being picky about wording though, I guess.

Hopefully they give him some pointers on nicer etiquette or Smth ;;;
I wonder if Wes meant to, derogatory? Hope Kylee doesn't catch flak for being out around the rest of the ranch hands.
August 10th, 2017
I wonder if he'll hold the base of his neck 😍