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I'm just gonna leave this here pointing out that George thought "Gotta Catch'em All" means she has to catch any and all Pokemon she can, meaning most battles her Pokemon do they got no exp for, because you get no exp for catching Pokemon and when your goal is to catch all pokemon, you don't just stop and take time to normally grind, that is just wasted opportunities.
@Stranger: Then Atty starts weight lifting, gotta carry his lighter somehow.
The intelligence of these characters never fail to be exacly at the expectations
@ZachLight: I know that. but the others don't.
Warning has dragonits location.
4th panel in the bushes to the top right of X's position
for the emotion pokemon that kirlia acts like all but hate was sucked from her body 69...
there goes my mind
XD love the wall paper
Silver you butt XD
just for the record the biggoron sword won't break just the giants knife
Wait why isn't there a Princess Ruto part. I wanted to see how that turned out.
*Theme song starts*
I wanna be somewhat good unlike atticuuuuus. To catch them is not his test. To train them is his flawwwws. He doesnt wanna travel across the land. To ignorant to search far and wide. With pokemon he will never understand. The power at his side. MOKEPON gotta ignore um all MOKEPON.
That look of george's at the last panle is awesome
@pensuka: Um he was talking about the fall not the blood thing
Who the heck is this N- girl?
AMY SENCES TINGLING. Huh never knew Sonic had those
Um why is Vanilla the nurse person? Heh I make comments alot.