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im crazy about books and comics, i also love drawing.

webcomic in the future maybe?
when i finally do start one it'll probs be a sappy love story. you've been warned;)
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I'm in love with that first panel, the catch, the face, the angle, perfect, love it :D xxx
I love these two together, I'm glad they made up:)

And ryuuta blushing is too cuteXD
Ooooooooooooooo I wonder who it is?????

Could it maybe, possibly be the mysterious tsumi?
Aww they're still holding hands :)
That tiger is of the hook, amazing:) merry Christmas btw;) xx
I love this comic, thank you for sharing their story with us, can't wait to see when they finally come together cos they wuv each other;D merry early Christmas to you too;) xx
I wonder what thats about?:) good luck, don't overwork yourself, take breaks, and don't forget to eat, healthy snacks;P, and sleep, lots and lots of sleep;) you'll do great:D
Whichever is easiest for you:)
Haha man I already love these guys, I hope they keep being nice to hiro or at the very least interested in him, I think he needs as many friends as he can get, especially when the majority of angels believe him to be nothing but evil, and it's doesn't for those friends to be high up on the power ladder:)
Ai-chan is soo adorable, I love that last panel:)
Just wandering how old is she? I'm just trying to figure out how long they waited before trying to be parents again
Good luck!! I hope you do really well
Oh and I just wanna eat baby aki up, he's soooooo cuuuute!! I'll start with his nose then his toes etc. :D
Ah that explains a lot, parents always have strong influence over their child, if their parents are saying these thing to them then I kinda understand how they became the way they were, not excusing anything just realising the beginning of the whole downside into abusive parent territory started with the seeds that Aki's grandparents planted.

Btw, random question, what time is it when you up load the first page for the day? Only cause its 2:30 am over here in Australia when I get it, for a bit I thought that maybe you were nocturnal but then I realised time zones duh:D curiouser and curiouser, oh and just wondering what country do you live in? I'm gonna guess America but I could be wrong:)
Poor hiro must be confused and a bit hurt at how adamently taisuke wants him to stay with reji, I hope reji is going to show a bit of the world to hiro like he promised:)
Haha aw. Poor clueless ryyuta in the backround probs think "da fucks goin on, I'm feelin tense vibes"
Good luck aki your strong enough to face, they have ALOT of explaining and repenting it do }:(
Omg omg omg, they have some serious balls to come looking for aki, daddy dearest doesn't look too thrilled to but, oh and kaidous face is like " you dare come here in search for MY Aki!?!?"
Argh the suspense is killing me, though I am glad aki didn't answer the door, he probs would've gone into shock then collapsed:/
They're so cute together, aki seems so much more happy now too:)
Congratulations:D, thank you so so soooo much for writing this, it's a beautiful story it's got the perfect amount of heartache, fun, and love, and your characters are relatable to, you can really feel what they're going through, you've done an amazing job with the art too, I went back and reread through the all whole story again a few days ago, though your style was really good back then it's become even better, it's still the same just improved on:), oh which reminds me was it aki's birthday yesterday? Well if it was happy birthday Hun :)
And thanks once more for creating such an enjoyable comic:D xxx
Damn boy, you lookin' fine, mm mm mmm:)
And the scars just add to the sexiness..... Ah No! Stop daydreaming, hsc study hsc study ... Hsc abs
Aki's finally calm now:)