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@GabrielsThoughts: if it was the standard dont u think it would cut his hands off ??? or am i getting me shields wrong??
plz DONT DIE U CAN COME back plz..... and ur awsome freinds can to.... :'( no ....
awww sad char is sad...
is it bad i dont see white space neko O.O??
come on guys
shes um whats the word tsundere?
funny thing is i actually saw this coming.
im pretty sure last page he didnt have that cig or he swallowed it and just yelled it back out.
hmmm sorry just wondering are u going for the sound of the blood coming out of his mouth or just the shear awesomeness of the punch makes a sound that sounds awesome?? :D! (not trying to be a d bag in any way this is an actual question)
i cant even find the bonus comics its weird....
just wondering
okay im just wondering but im pretty sure in one of the Pokemon games u can do exactly this and like go explore in caves and u know go mining and stuff i was wondering if im right or not? plz answer.
need this thing broken