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I' Why that's pretty dull, right there. Maybe I'll find it in me to define that better later, maybe.
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....I was eating....
Also, he can kill you with his brain.
Babies comment- win
I love you so much right now. You have to bring up all my favorites. All the shows and movies that have nestled their little souls into my over-cinematic heart and have made their homes in my extroversion. Psych is as awesome.

You know that's right.
The Talkative Commenter
Dakota Fanning, Walken, and James Earl Jones are all made of win.
I once wrote a story with an awesome chick. People said it seemed like I was trying to hard to make her cool, and I should be more realistic. I changed her in a guy. Everybody loved him.....I don't know what that says but I know it isn't nice.
I've never thought I would have to explain to a young girl that a man sneaking into your room to watch you sleep is not love.
Ei hahd werds buht Eim witholding tem 4 u
You convinced me to watch the show. Congrats...why do I comment on almost every one? Because they're comment worthy. So there.
I concur with the strip and Doshidania. A boyfriend of mine was heavy into Saw and insisted I watch Saw 5 (or 6? 8? I dunno) with him. Movies are supposed to make you feel the experience and empathize with the characters. And for that reason- yeah, Saw is genius because it worked. I felt tortured.
Don't worry. If I were a lesbian I'd guestion my sexuality for Joel McHale too.
Your point travelled to Middle Earth to hack up an orc. It said it'd get back to you.
"The Writer's Journey" talks a lot about that concept as well. Though that author was also greatly inspired by "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" so there's probably a lot same in there but it was a good read.
You made my soul smile for talking about Joss...thank you good sir, thank you
Oo sharpie...
Poor birdies...
And that's flying XD
Iggy don't insult people rescuing you