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Let's See How Many I Lose This Time!
Really, though.

I just wanted to tell you that I would be coming back to work on this chronically. I got a scanner for Christmas! So I have The Beginning to upload and finish. I'm very happy about this. I also have new ideas.

This is a preview. I sketched it in class and colored on the computer. It's going to be the new style. <3
Well damn, that has to be the best compliment ever. You don't even like SAW. *chuckles*

I'll try, really.
I felt like updating again to see how many people ditch me. XD

I've had The Beginning planned a while and have finished about 4 other non-colored pages. This was a rough draft for one of them. YES, on lined paper. I thought it was cute though, and I'm thankful it got to be scanned. I need to finish this damn thing. It sucks that I don't have more inspiration to work on comics. Well, thank you to all that stick with me.
Idene: I'm glad you won't. x3 Honestly, I've peaked on him since this event. He basically just sits in there, inanimate. He's a really weird puppet.

Iris!: :3

Crescent Moon: Yes! Isn't it a miracle? XD
I felt awfully neglectful, so I'm posting something I scanned a while ago (with a pretty bad scanner, unfortunately) and never uploaded to the site. So, unless you frequented the short-lived DA page, this should be new! And I'm sorry that it's on lined paper.

I'll also be amused to see how many people take me off their favorites when they see this forgotten comic bump to the top of their list.
It's fine, no biggie, I just got confused!
Thanks for all your comments~
Sorry, I just didn't see the point of them, since we were discussing a misunderstanding.
March 4th, 2008
Wow, this manga is really starting off well! I love the character designs, they're really realistic and well thought out, and I love the shock-value of this kissing page. It's sudden, but I think you can pull it off. Great job!
This is the most random fucked up comic I've found on this site. X3 But it's awesome. I really like your drawing style, too. Consider me your newest fan!
Well, duh.
I dunno, maybe the artist is the worst critic, but I'm laughing at how bad this is despite it still being close to me and everything... XD; But just saying, that I see why it has no attention- it has no effort to deserve any. But I appreciate that you still like it despite its serious flaws. :D
Dude, it's on lined paper. XD
Thank youuu. <3 I personally think it's just too sloppy. I don't know why I posted it on the site. XD But if there are people that want more, I still have quite a number of pages to post.
November 6th, 2007
Noooo. How could you scare me off? My son is Jigsaw's henchman.
I never thought about that! Perhaps he's, uh....designing a new head-trap.
November 2nd, 2007
Hehehaha. Thank you for commenting on my comic, or else I would've never found this.

...Huh? Gay, where?
XD This looks hilarious and adorable. I'm gonna have to read this comic and see what it's all about.

And thank you for faving mine!
I'm really sorry about not posting any new comics. :/ I check smackjeeves fairly often, and I can see that I have even more fans now, which just makes me more and more inspired to supply you with Billy, but this summer has just been too busy. I've mainly been writing and preparing for college! (which is in 3 weeks!) I think once I get situated, it'll be a lot easier to sit down and do a comic. I hadn't done even one this summer though, due to all the stuff I needed to take care of!

All the site-goers are familiar with these pictures, but I couldn't help it- I had to post SOMETHING to show that I'm here, and I care. o_o

Oh, and what do you think of the new layout?! <33
Scary is a good thing, yes? :D