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Card Read Error?
Did you kill off Angus?
Neko dosen't like Gar? D:
Thermodynamic laws.
Technically you can't win the game, you can't break even, and you can't quit.
Those are the rules.
You think this would restore his lost memory.
Vamp. Kitty
I'm guessing it has to do with human blood in general. He ate a leg once too. And now he just likes to eat human body parts.
Hehe, vampire kitty.
And the hero Hubris would not be complete without a trusty Bummy on his belt.
Just cause strangers with candy have candy does not mean you should go with them anyway.
Always wanted to try GrapeBitch flavor. o.o
Bummy breaking the 4th wall.
This is it. Neko lost it.
Oh snap....
And thus the father finally realizes...... maybe.
Even tho we see it in color. It's obviously still black and white to their eyes.
Talk about going down a path you can't come back from.
Pokémon is a popular TV show, and I bet most of the people who watch that show who got the idea of Pika-x-Ash would love it. The plot of your story would only attack people.
It's like the monty python bunny but worse O.O
ah the spanish inquisition, thats a very funny song, seriously, go to youtube and type the spanish inquisition the musical, it's funny.
He could do what he did in a earlier comic.
Run like crazy and have the turbulence pull Luigi, Mario and Tails at the same time while moving so fast that the enemies get caught and they beat em up while they're floating
400 fans = more posters.

Wow, well congrajulations on 400 fans, so when are the old fans gona get rewards?
jk, but good luck on your comic