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I'm just someone who's been lurking for a while and made this account so I can keep track of all my favorite comics.
I do tend to sprite in my free time (mostly Sonic styled ones), although I haven't started any comics yet.
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@broblade12: Rather than complaining about people pointing out your offensive statements, consider that what you said may be harmful. To be fair, several of your comments do come across as rude.
I'll go ahead and give some critique.

Like what Zocky brought up, the sprites are of poor quality and lacking in defining character traits.
The character looks like Shadow. A lot like Shadow. I mean it's Shadow with slightly different quills and some clothes and of a different color. I'd be willing to bypass this for a bit if the sprite itself were made better, though.

The sprite itself... uh... I'll start with shading. The darker shades have poor contrast. There's very little defined shading in it until you zoom in a lot. On his head, I can see bits of blue on some of the sprites. Some of it's on the quills, sometimes it's around the eyes. Speaking of eyes, on some of the sprites they're blue, on others, it's a grayish color. Should make that more consistent.
The shirt has almost no shading. You've gotta have shading. The only shading I see is near the end of the sleeves and a little more around the arm, and those darker shades have poor contrast as well.
The pants are hard to define as pants in the idle poses. The shading feels random on them as well; note that when you shade, there should be a light source.
The shoes also have weird shading on the blue parts and suffer from another inconsistency; I can see dark red on the bottom.
The quills have a strange design and look off. They're very awkward, so a change is in order there. They look like they're changing shape throughout the sprite sheet as well.

All over the sprite sheet, you've got blue in places were it probably isn't meant to be, red in strange places and what not. Should really fix those, even if they're smaller details that you won't see unless you zoom in. It's messy.
@Zocky: Thanks!

@Azure_Kite uhh, yeah i guess
I'm still using advanced style sprites, I'm just changing a couple things on them so they're less awkward.
Fixed the tail according to the critique I got. The board I'll fix later, the tail is what I'm more concerned with.
Constructive critique is always welcome.
Aside from changing her top a little and the gloves (I feel this works better for her than the long sleeved top she had before), I also made a new tail that I haven't added to the other sprites since I want critique on it. I don't want to use the normal fox tail since it's a bit awkward looking, but I clearly have no idea how to sprite a tail of my own. Also changed her board a little.
Constructive critique is welcome.
That incident was ridiculous. Does that happen frequently here?
@Ecaroh: That last post of mine wasn't really me sticking up for him; it's me trying to state that anyone can give tips and critique on something, even if they aren't good at it. Plenty of people critique things they aren't superb for, so that post is more for anyone that just plain wants to be able to give critique, not just a couple people.
Also, I'm not encouraging him; I'm trying to tell you guys that he at least tried to give critique on something, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If anything, you're being just as rude with your comment towards me either way, I haven't even said anything intentionally rude or intentionally malicious, I've also noted that while he WAS rude, he was just giving critique on the sprite sheet he commented on, and his initial post on this specific page wasn't that awful.
I'm barely doing anything wrong; it's just irritating seeing people that TRY to point out the flaws in something get yelled at for just pointing out the flaws in something. I'm not saying that he hasn't done anything wrong; I'm saying that a lot of people are getting upset because he's pretty much just noting the flaws in various things on this comic, and probably other comics.

EDIT: Also, even if someone is rude, that doesn't change the fact that they're giving critique and may be trying to help you improve.
@Ecaroh914: Just so you know, someone doesn't have to be good at something to give critique on it. When someone decides to review something, say, like a movie, usually there is going to be critique on it. For example, if I saw a sprite, and I posted "The head looks a little off, maybe it should be a pixel smaller", that's critique. If I made a full blown review of the sprite, that'll just be one part of my review.
But really though, even if someone isn't good at something, that doesn't mean they can't point out the flaws of someone else's stuff (or the good things about someone else's stuff). I'm obviously not a pro spriter, but I can still point out flaws in someone else's sprites and try and help them improve.

The rest of your post is fine, I just wanted to point out that someone can be horrible at something and still criticize it. I mean, I'm bad at drawing, but that doesn't mean I can't point out flaws in a picture.
Admittedly, I try not to be rude, unless there's something professionally made that's unforgivably bad.

Also this is going to end up as our most memorable page for probably all the wrong reasons
@GK - why what happens
srsly i want to know
Bre's patrol exhibits such intelligence and control over situations, don't they?

Constructive c+c is always welcome

EDIT: i can't believe i spelled savior wrong, i even looked it over several times
@Ecaroh914 - I tend to not remember the reply button when I'm posting.
It's obvious who I'm talking to anyway, unless there's more people here with the nickname 'GK' than I've thought. I pretty much just shorten some of the names since I don't usually realize the 'reply' button is there.

also i'd prolly just call them 'PK' and 'PCP' anyway unless they didn't want me to
@GK - Just because she's a Dee doesn't mean she's incompetent at fashion
Her lovely purple fur (which I like to think is dyed) and her black wig perfectly go together.
At least in her head, they do.
i don't think you can really use the term OOC for an actual person
unless i was actually talking to robots the entire time
@Ecaroh - idk if he saw Bre's sheet, but it was quickly made for the purposes of this comic and isn't serious in any way, shape or form.
I wouldn't mind critique on her sheet (even if it's not particularly serious) though, although I'd prefer critique on her bio which I actually spent time thinking of.

Don't leave tho, that's not what we want D:

@Sprite_Reviewer - Sometimes your harshness can come off as intimidating to new people and/or people that just aren't superb but aren't particularly rude.
I don't have a particular problem with you though, I'm pretty glad that someone gives critique and whatnot actually
it being just for fun doesn't make it immune to criticism

He's right about it being particularly overpowered, although the bio seems like it wasn't a super serious one.
I don't have a name for this gal, I just cannot come up with one at all. I thought up her design and bio on the spot, so they're going to be unfinished and undeveloped.
Constructive c+c is always welcome

This mouse-tailed bat works with Velocity at a bar (both are bartenders), and doesn't really think much of Velocity, past thinking that she's a bit too egotistical. She does her best to be kind to others, even when they're being rather rude, and has great patience, something she's developed on the job.
Being a bat, she has an amazing sense of hearing, but at the same time it can prove to be unhelpful, and loud sounds are troubling for her (so she didn't exactly choose a good job). She enjoys jazz and classical music, but will listen to anything that won't damage her ears further. She also plays the viola, and is about 23 years old.

Aside from a keen sense of hearing and the ability to fly, she doesn't have any particularly notable powers or skills of that sort. Her hearing is pretty helpful when it comes to making music, though.

In terms of personality, her kindness and patience come from working at a bar, which requires a large amount of patience. She's also good at socializing, but when she's not on the job, she's particularly lazy, and the little money she makes is frequently spent on unimportant things. She loves fashion, but also likes customizing her house frequently as well.

I don't have a backstory for her yet, but if it means anything her parents are alive (she actually lives with them since she can't support herself).
@Sprite_Reviewer - I'd actually kinda like to see your sprites, if you don't mind.
@GK - Um when did that happen & do you have screenshots? Just curious.

Either way, his critique was helpful here, regardless if he actually sprites or not.
Sprite_Reviewer's critique is actually good and accurate, so I'd like to second that GK shouldn't delete it (even if calling it cancer is kinda rude). He's trying to be helpful, so it should be left up here.
I saw his sheet, but only a small amount of the sprites are recolored, and I don't know if he's just brown or if he has other traits that haven't been added yet.

And if they're both annoyed with Dedede they can totally get along :D