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Riza of:


@SaberMoh: no its not, sorry if I make you wait, but commissions are piling up so I gotta take care of that =w=u
but I'll try to sneak pages from time to time ;3
@KingofRavens21: lol I dont mind, infact I'm glad that you take interest on the comic XD

about the tamers, they'll be explained later, no worries ;3
@TarunaRei: haha yeah, even outside DWC dan blue is well known, and silvia is the champ of DWC...and who doesnt know your fav queen ruki makino? XDD

thank you very much! yeah, I'm kinda sad that I dont have a single rate haha =w=u

also, glad they motivate you, maybe you could motivate me next time too XD

I had too =w=
@MiniDragonfly: ahah guess the sketches are too.... sketchy after all haha =w=u
@MiniDragonfly: yeap, and a brilliant tamer helps too XD
something like that =3
@MiniDragonfly: sorry bout that, shouldve warned about it earlier =w=u
howd patamon move his ear like that? XD
oh yeah, its his destiny indeed.
in almost all seasons =3
theres a white box under those furs! OwO
Ive just grabbed a real breasts! OxO
if youre aware youre in a dream, yeah =w=u
I was about to make the heavy boobs joke, but you beat me to it XD
explaination page, so a lil dynamic view on the last panel so it would be so plain =w=
@Keywora: thanks~
yep will do!
well, theyre sketches, after all XD

I just want to get the story out first,
before properly drawing the details~

it might take 250++ page, though OwO
she got in fight that she doesnt really know whats it about OxO