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...I see

Any progress ??
....I have elbows
OMG Drake took his shirt mean
Im back.
Where was I ? You don't want to know.
At least you weren't kidnapped by gibbons.
Bad bad memories..
OH! Orgy ?....hmm...three chicks with dildo's
haha easy man...two chicks with dildo's
How come there was no comic dedicated to me...??
Oh...I like to feel me a sense of purpose...that...and ice-cream.
Do you like ice-cream?
^^^ Mwahaha, agreed
Hello daidaishar. How are you?

Since I've nothing more to add...Im just going to start conversing with you through comments...
Actually you're wrong :P
If you look closely...the 4th baby is looking to the left

And the 5th one...well the 5th is a bowling ball with a fuse
Im not really into BL...but I like your art
Thats a damn nice car
The only thing that will stop Teddy a kick in the nadgers.

And since I forgot to comment on the last strip...
Extra sugarpuffs
Im Irish...
After 800 years of being raped by English people...I can tell the difference.

Only retards cant tell the difference anyway