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I think all of the fans of this comic have shed a substantial amount of tears <w</>w>..
"Oh good gracious great balls of fire"~ x3
Q .Q.. I'm 5''2..
October 16th, 2012
I love the entire no-word thing :D. It is honestly different and much like what red said you tell the story so well without the words.
October 16th, 2012
"♥".. 'nuf said .
I love it! Did you make it up yourself?
...isn't the euro sign supposed to be after the number..?
I guess this is what his father makes him suffer through every time he is forced to attend one of these 'visits'? = .=
gah .x. Katio might help the 'poor' soul? or just grumble under his breath and blare music into his ears?
I'd chose the latter c':
@cupEcake: ,aube he does or doesn't o.o or maybe he feels as if he has no say in what's happening? so many questions x_x where are the answeres?!
... in the last pannel Katio looks a bit relieved to be in shunos arms.. at least that's what I see :T
lmao x'D I guess this is Katios special lullaby..
T . T I honestly thought that I might cry just by looking at tpannels 4-7 Q_Q it's so sad..
the personality completley describes me x~x. but with fashion.. if it's clean i'll wear it :l
August 25th, 2012
haha T3T I know exactly how that feels to get a cigarette burn T3T my friend decided to put theirs out by using my collar bone x_x'
I love the translationThey're so true x]
@WuJiaMin: It's not only her earrings that're huge ;o
NUU Q.Q The armor of epicosity has vanished T_T'
August 22nd, 2012
UGHH ASDFGHJKLZXCVVNMASDFR Cheif Q.Q give her this once.
But the stupid shit is the best shit :D ♥