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@cebap: Thank you so much!
@GaruGreen: Thank you! Glad you liked it^^
@PagodaComics: Yes, Yar thought his our will kill Sif while she sleep. But fail...

Thank you for comment^^
@ZaxKellens: Yup ^^ Sorry for a little lateness.
Yes, she should be near Yar to feel more protective.
@ZaxKellens: Yes XD She decided to seduce him no matter what ^^
@ZaxKellens: Thank you ^^ Hope you like it ^^
@kimion: Thank you ^^ Forest is made with few Photosop brushes ^^

@selfinversion: Thank you ^^
I don't now exactly how long it would be, for now I have 12 pages done and I think 1chapter will be published ^^
@Molly: Thank you!

@selfinversion: XD Yes, he finally can look at her... her face and decide will he speak with her or not.
Thank you!
@selfinversion: Yes, it's beloved type of dress that her man choose for her XD