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Ok... I am an Afrian American 13 year Old Boy.
I love Soccer and Baseball, I play both
I also enjoy Pokemon Games, especially Black 2 and Sonic Spriting, I also like all the others, except I'm terrible at everything else, customs, Mega Man, Kirby etc.
I tend to get pissed off when other people piss me off, even though I try to hide it, it doesnt really work, I dont like the use of foul language, I just dont,
My main Character is Omni
My other characters Are Retro Civious Aero Trilono.
I have a brother and 2 sisters.
I'm not a grammar freak on the computer, but in real life I use better grammar, and I like getting to know people here on smackjeeves and making coimcs with them
Best Friends: sspeedo th,Bazinga!,Blumage16,GPlus,
Other friends:Cascade,Punchy,55dubdub,Chaoticthehedgehog,
and so many more! Just the ones I can think of on the top of my head.
If you have any questions just ask! Through PM or some of my comics, thank you for reading~
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@Punchy: lol it was a great idea
after goku did it everyone else seemed to do it. ;)
My new avi
I personally love it what do you guys think?
@nyancat6650: looks good.
I'll work on that.
@RandomNinjaGuy: Lol
@Bazinga!: nice page.
somebody put me in some comics, Im on vacation so I cant post anything without my computer, if you need my sprites pm me
I gotta make a comic for this again. but im on vacation so.;. in 2 weeks :/
My intro, I needed something to fill in that white space so I just added my other character. Retro, sorry its short but I am leaving for vacation yay...
@Super Froakie 64 DS: Who's account did he hack? and whats this? t/
looks like we found him guys, anybody know him, and why he did this?
I like it so far, nice work
I think Red should catch a grass or electric type pokemon, if he does that, the gym challenge will be much easier for him obviously, and charmeleon will listen after he wins, but on the other hand, misty's pokemon were a high level in heartgold and soulsilver, so I'm guessing thats what green was talking about when he said one of your aunts in the other page.
I think this is my best page so far, c+c please
Great Page! especially in the last panel when Magmar came out of his pokeball
Nice Comic I'm liking it so far.
Hey everyone, above is a comic I made on my comic Dramatic Space. please check out it out. I recently started getting better at comic making and I would like for more people to read my comic. I have many other authors in this comic that would love for more to read it as well! Thanks
Punchy and Tails Doll havent been in the past few comics, Anyway here ya go. C+c please
@Cascade: Haha, ya Glide's Outclassed.
Thanks for the tip.