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He looks like a blend of Dave Grohl and Thor
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    Ross Hennen
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why do I get the feeling that as great as this part will be, it's the last of the great times before it all comes down... Thank you for your reply to my request also!
I have only been reading for just less than a year, but thank you, for what you do! WHOOP!
I happened to be hanging out with my ex-wife tonight(It does happen) and showed her my cameo. "Unlimited cheese and the King of Cheese" was her comment. Yes, I am a King of Cheese!
I'm In!
Unless there is another Ross H with a beard I got my cameo! Gibson Twist has immortalized me! I am a happy man!!! Mr. Twist, you are an amazing writer, artist, and most of all, human!
Happy Anniversary to the Twists! And yes, I did vote before I sent this