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maybe the packs aren't automatic and someone is actively sending them, and he happens to know who or what is sending them.

But hey, just a theory. A game lore theory.
... This thought has just occurred to me. The battle here is Gold v. Norman; father and son who hate/ extremely dislike other. Last comic had Silver and Giovanni; also father and son who hate/ extremely dislike other.

The parallels O_o
I find it funny that if you compare this to any normal pokemon game, we are all joeys. We are all trying to be top-percentage.
Would it be too much to ask to create a strip with this same one but with a completely different conversation, Doesn't have to even make sense or relate to the plot. That would be funny.
I never understood the appeal of rings put elsewhere than ears, regardless of culture. It's just another thing for your parents to grab on to when they are a yelling at you.
Old Fogies?
And for the record, she didn't need to cut her hair. I get that gravity defiant pigtails = champion. Maybe a ponytail is better less permanent solution. Whatever, she still adorable.
Would demi-sexual be an option?
whoa... family resemblance really shines on her when she's angry.
@Guest: (mind blown)
@Dark Queen of Nerds: Although I get the point, that doesn't sound tasty. Too much of anything is still too much.
@witswithme: I would totally believe JimLad if consistency issues was intended.
Do you think you will create a huge family tree of all the characters in the close (or not so close) future?
First my keys and phone are missing, next: my sanity.
"It's not like I picked the kid >of< the bloody street."
I think you mean off, not of. :)
Hmm... I see small legs on the side, so I think that's a closet on its side.
I listened to the song all the way. I think I got a nosebleed. Don't worry, it's a happy nosebleed... I think...
Author Jakes
April 18th, 2016
haha, when i read Paradox's comment, i missed 'am' and got a totally different take on that.
Just a reminder....
There was a time that Joa DID threaten to kill or at least harm Dylan's friends and family. Go ahead and look for it. :3

At least over time, we have got to see Joa's more softer and tender side.
and the plot thickens...