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J t'aime, Noin! ^///^

Age // 15
Country // Norway
Likes // Manga, Draw, Reading, Music, Friends ++
Hates // School, Sports, Spiders ++
Manga // SDC, KKJ, FMWS, TSK, DC, CC
Books // Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Shamer-series ++
July 30th, 2008
Aww, the last panel is so cute!~<3
Pretty braids!
Read from right to left!
New page~ I've had this on my PC for a while, but I was to lazy to apply the text before now. This page was kinda boring to draw, 'cuz I had to draw Karen and Mira in the same poses again and again in each frame. Just beacause of the BG's. Oh,well. I dislike Karen's expression when she says "don't lie" but am other than that satisfied with the page.
I want to finish the next one fast this time! (that's impossible. For me.)
Pretty~!! :D <3
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Really sorry for the long wait people! I just AM like this... I only work on mangapages when I feel like it... ^^;
So, yeah. If you don't get it, in the last panel, Mira and Karen aren't standing with their backs turned to "that guy" I just drew them like that to get everything in one picture.
And, I realized that these pages ain't very interesting... Sorry! It'll be some drama SOON! I'm looking SO forward to start drawing that "real" part. But this part is important too, and can't be skipped. >___>
Remember, comments make me work faster! |D
Oh! O__o He has a gun! =O That was surprising!
Good thing he had the umbrella! The poor thing... (the umbrella, I mean) x'D
Btw, great work on the gun! :] They're hard to draw >__>
So cute! :] I love how you drew Growlithe! <3
Aw, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! :D
Read from right to left!
Page 10, Wooo~! ;D (I have a feeling I do these pages reaaally slow... x'D )
So we suddenly jump from Chi to Karen... I already regret drawing Ka-chan's hair into braids. Dx Braids are soo boring to draw... >___> (And I believe I've drawn enough braids in "Abducted" already...)

--- :: --- :: ---

Zombinette: Lol~! 8D
This page is AWESOME! <3
Hahaha! This page is the most hilarious EVER! ;D
Hehe~ I like the 2nd panel! ;) You draw feathers so well~! <3
I love the third panel (the one with Dark)!~<3 The way you colour the wings are just awesome! :D
Six fingers? xD Lol, I didn't even see it before I read your comment xP
Don't worry, even Arina-sama drew one too much finger once (if you don't belive me I could send you the pic) x3
I'm reading this over again, now~ It's fun to see how everything started! ;)
I hope you don't mind me commenting randomly on your pages here xDD You really deserve more comments, y'know~!
So you made it? Great! :D <3
This cover is really beautiful, but I belive I've said that before... *^^*
You're welcome! ;D I'm happy you liked it! ^__^
Oh, and I look forward to read more of this story! I really love it~<3
It's in COLOUR! Yay! 8) This is so beautiful!~<3
I love the BG in the last panel and the sky in the 1st panel! <3
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Nero-kun appears~ Woo~! ;P He looks a little wird on this page, though... I promise he'll look better on the next one! ^__^
This page has waaay too much white space.. >__> But apart from that I like it pretty much. ;D
The 2nd-to-last panel totally killed me! >___< ... *Dead*

Thanks for the commments~<3 :D
OMG! 200 pages! O__O Congrats! :D I love this comic~<3
Aww, that's so pretty!~<33
Read from right to left!
I'm really sorry for the long wait! >__> Please bear with me... ;___; Hopefully, the next update won't be long 'till! ^^
This page isn't very important either...
Well, Ayame and Nicole are really bad people! Skipping classes like that! xDD
Haha, this teatcher reminds me of somebody I know... xP (That wasn't my intention! >__<)
Btw, do you guys like the new layout? I do~ x)
Well, I think this pic looks awesome! :D Aria is so cute! <3
I'm looking really forward to the next chapter! ^__^