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I'm a professional creative who's been drawing for over 30 years and making webcomics for 15+ years. I'm a storyteller who also enjoys writing, RPing (tabletop and online), designing stuff, and crafting. I also like cats, chocolate, anime and wearing silly hats.
A new chapter begins
And so we move on to a new chapter. Woot.
Last page of Chapter 3! Onward to a new chapter!
Holy shit an update.
I know a lot of people never expected this to be alive again. Truth is, I kind of forgot to upload to here. I have been doing the comic, just elsewhere.
Sorry for the delay folks. Back to posting.
Ferrah has returned on the scene and noticed our unlikely allies plotting pain upon her. This can’t end well.
Happy Valentines day! Here's the usual comic page for this site, but if you'd like a little treat, there's some nifty free valentine's day wallpapers over on I try to avoid putting filler up here, so its only there, but you can check it out.
X is still freaking.
X is a spaz. Cue 'freak out' mode.
A little hint of things to come on this page. Who is the mysterious Duchess? Why does she want the necklace so badly? X is quite right to be shitting her pants right about now. She’s got some good instincts that one. Next page, we’ll see what Mack is screaming about.
Yes, cats land on their feet, but if they can stop… well that’s a totally different question.
And finally Alice puts her big girl panties on in the form of.. a fur coat?
Yes. Big Ferrah is big. There’s a side shot there so you can see a rough comparison of size. Also, its kind of a bitch to try to figure out an English equivalent of wolf angry noises. “Bark” sounds too much like a yappy dog. I did my best after listening to some wolf growl/barks. Honestly, this is when I long for animation with, you know, sound.
Ferrah is very big. Somehow I don’t think she’ll be placated with pleasantries while her friend is being held hostage. On the other hand, I’m not sure she can tell friend from foe right now.
Aaaand we’re back. This still doesn’t quite reflect her correct size, since Kat’s still standing a distance away.
Yeah, we’re almost back to the real world, although really, Ferrah’s nightmare is just beginning. There is a wallpaper of this scene that can be downloaded from
This should be all very familiar to those who were paying attention to earlier pages. You know, asking questions such as “what is she reaching out for?”.
And we get another reference to a previous chapter here, (if you didn't catch the one on the previous page) the vision in chapter 1, yes, it was Wolf. Catching Ferrah while she was all day dreaming to give her a critical hint to get her ass out of a sling.
@bleachlover1: I'm glad you are enjoying it!
Ferrah’s dream steadily unravels. Wolf isn’t giving up though!