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I like fishing and BMX bike racing. I like reptiles for pets. I have a tort named McLoven. I like snakes, and my parents are nice and will let me have one.
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    Big Peter Hampton
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yeah mee too
not bad
use backgrounds
dont hand draw the tails of your bubbles
Credit to the people who made the sprites i used throughout this comic
if i may be a critic for a sec...dont put ur speech bubbles down so low.
yeah what do u think of the comic
yes i know i spelled THERE wrong so no need to nag me about it
? this is not a comic its just random pictures
dont stop making these ever i love them
wow sonic boom is a dick
sorry about the bluurryness in the first six it will look alot claerer in the seventh one.
yeah but check out the life of coin walet
why did it have to die!!!!!!!1
it was so funny.
this has got to be one of the coolest comics ever very well done everyone.