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One moment, i'm gonna go cry for a solid hour.

...Oh, no i'm not sad.
These are tears of joy.
Wait, but I, and she, but who...

...SWSU you devious bastard.

Considering I haven't commented on any of the other pages, i'll just summarize my thoughts on this episode here.

Contrary to what I thought would happen, I find myself liking Scott and Izyebel's relationship, as well as their interactions with fellow competitors.

I'm not as big of a fan of Bradley and his wife as I was in SFC 14, though that may be due to their UTRness this episode.

Eli... I don't see much of a point to him being in this season, and his sister is horrible.

Damon and Angelo are beautiful, please do not ruin them.

Tialayla is slightly less prominent than she was in SFC 11, but she's still enjoyable. I would comment on Riley, but no comment of mine could accurately describe my high opinion of him.

Thorne is taking a more aggressive role than I seem to remember, though this may just be because i haven't read SFC 14 in a while. Sierra seems quite UTR atm, and seems more of a follower type than someone to take action.

Lake is just... I mean... he's kind of annoying. On the other side of the coin, Brandi is much better than she was last season.

Bowser must be a fun character to write for, what with his wish to be feared, and his frequent (potentially accidental) contributions to the tribe's well being. Junior seems to have a more relaxed position, being one of the smarter players yet still holding respect for those around him.

Rosella sucks. Vinnie, on the other hand, seems to have taken a similar role to Junior, having a more relaxed and supportive role in his tribe.

Bonni-*AHEM*, sorry, Clydia seems to have done a good job acting as Bonnie, though her slip-ups are noticeable. However, they would be irrelevant considering her job is done and her absence will only strengthen the act. Without Clydia around to mess up the character, Bonnie will have a much easier time integrating into her tribe's inner workings as 'Sarah', though her current act seems incredibly similar to 'Priscilla' from SFC 9.

I commend you for your creativity, SWSU.
Also, curse you SWSU, I hope the next time you have a hamburger, you apply too much ketchup, making it taste much worse.


PS: I lost my knife, so I can't make any terribly depressing references to me cutting myself this season.

I also have the sudden urge to write 200 fanfiction's about Clydia and her escapades in the aftermath of her elimination. Don't mean to spoil anything, but she kills three dragons and saves the universe from an omniscient pineapple.

(Edited below the dotted line as of 25 minutes after original post.)
Alrighty, we got ourselves a beautiful quartet of contestants here, lets see how they stand.

Bonnie - Three times? Really? You're giving her the Minerva Mink treatment?
While I dislike her as a character, she filled the villain roles of her first season quite well, and for season ten...
...we don't talk about season ten.
The whole 'Going through therapy' thing seems like an okay development for her character, though I believe that Sarah, her companion, will be an early boot, allowing the good ol' unhinged Bonnie to come back. Hopefully she won't be in the final 3 this time.
...Seriously SWSU. Don't.

Sarah - As mentioned in Bonnie's comment, I feel she'll be an earlier boot, though I believe she will still impact the season in a way. While Bonnie may go on to be the good ol' sociopath from before, the addition of Sarah may introduce us to a whole new side of her character, along with the potential friendships and fun times the therapist brings to the table herself.

Bowser - Ladies and gentlemen, the best canon of season 12 has returned! In his season, Bowser was the sidekick to Enter's antics, though the latter claimed he was a minion the entire time. As Jeff so elegantly suggested, Bowser doesn't have Enter around to carry him this time, and his ego may make him unreasonable to work with. However, with his knowledge of the location, he could be quite the asset to the tribe he ends up on. While i'm leaning towards him being an early boot, though there are still 16 people to see, so you never know. Maybe one of the other returnees, or a newcomer, will help guide him through the competition.

Junior - Immediately, Jeff comments on the loyalty to his father. He seems less egotistical than his father, and more of a schemer, so he may end up as one of the more manipulative contestants. However, his weaknesses are quite apparent, even if not mentioned. He is just a child, making him one of the more physically weak characters in the show, and though he is manipulative, he would end up following his father's commands, making him quite the target for those going against Bowser. However, if his father is taken down first, he may be able to manipulate his way far into the competition.

Bonnie - Early Merge.
Sarah - Early Boot.
Bowser - Late Pre-Merge.
Bowser Jr. - Mid Merge.

Of course, this is all just speculation.

Welp, that's it for me.

Is Bowser's expression super rapey, or is it just me?
...Oh, right, comments are a thing.

Okay, gonna get the stuff everyone knows out of the way.

Stagg, Damon, Tialayla, and Bowser are obviously back, the rest are up to speculation.

However, I'd like to comment on the location. Since this is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, wouldn't it be possible for them to use performance enhancing drugs? *cough* Mushrooms *cough*

Also, is it just me, or has the sprite for Jeff been updated? I swear his feet weren't that big before. And you know what they say 'bout guys with big feet.
They have to wear large shoes.


...Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anyway, with the potential this season is showing from a mere preview, two panels not even showing it off, I am excited to read through it with everyone.

I can never end comments well.
@ChronoAlone: You wanna make it further? just re-simulate it until you win.

It's what I did to guarantee that my inflated ego was satisfied while not winning.
So... Erm... Hi?
God i'm almost as bad online as irl.
Remember back in August when I posted those simulations?
Good. I wouldn't wanna remember those either.
Anyway, I made another.
I present to you, 'Survivor Redemption Island'!
Except I ruined it by adding some of you.
Anyways here's the cast!

We got:
GaryHawkins (your name was too long D: )
And that one guy nobody likes...
...also known as Robolax7

So yeah!
Order your copy of Survivor Redemption Island today and get a second copy ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Just dial 090807060504030201 and give us your credit card details, social security number, and anything else that could ruin your life if put in the wrong hands, and it's all yours!

But seriously.
Here's a link:
Also, for the sake of convenience, everyone is categorized as Male in this. I apologize if this is incorrect or somehow offends you.

If you think this was terrible, please insult me as much as necessary.
Don't worry about lowering my self esteem.
It can't get lower.

(Oh, also, Happy Holidays!)
@spinfur: Spoiler: you won twice.
The randomizer must love cats
@ChronoAlone: Actually, you were 4th voted out, but one of the players voted out before you returned for the merge.

So yeah.
I get bored way too easily.
So i made another.
This time it's in the hunger games though.
So, y'know, it's less violent than the last simulation.

This simulation is using the exact same cast as the last one, except I added two other random people, who i'm too lazy to write out the names of, to fill the roster.

So yeah.
Feel free to pretend this doesn't exist.
I know I will.
Alright, I may or may not have got incredibly bored and stolen a certain someones idea.

So... yeah. I made a stupid season on BrantSteele's simulator.

That said, it's not a survivor simulator.
It's a stupid Total Drama Island simulator.

so... erm... I randomly picked some people from the comments and put them on two teams... so here are the contestants I guess.

Yumichika Time
...and me. 'cus i'm a self-centered asshole.

So... here's a link I guess.

So yeah.
Don't hurt me.
(PS: I rigged it to be sure I didn't win. I'm not THAT bad.)

EDIT: 28th of August
For those who can't be bothered going through the entire simulation.

And some extra stats for the super nerds.
Well, that was definitely... something.
Taro was a character I thought would get far no matter what, and I really hoped he would. His genuine friendship with Ky is the best dynamic of the season.
As for Dustin, I don't see why he was brought to the finale. While I don't dislike the character, I don't like the way he was portrayed in the late game. He seems like one of those characters that should have left early merge. I'd say his departure should have been just after Marie's, and in his place, Sylvia should have reached the end, making it more climactic.
Obviously, i'm just some random idiot on the internet who likes playing video games and cutting themselves, so my opinion isn't really worth anything.
As for the character ratings:

Ky (You know why.)
Taro (Here's a hint as to why I adore Taro... Ky.)

Shaega (I really don't see why so many people hate him. He was an amazing villain.)
Marie (Truly one of the most innocent players of this season, she was a great character to root for.)
Daisuke (Do I need to explain? This guy was full of positive energy, and did amazingly in the challenges.)

Freddy (He was an interesting and loyal character, eliminated only due to paranoia affecting Brandi. Seems like a shitty way to go.)
Xeradonus (YES. A TRULY EVIL CHARACTER. He didn't need to get far, as he completed his role as the villain, and managed to create another villain for later in the season.)

Billy (He had a few laughs along the way, but he was overall an average character.)
Brandi (Most people dislike Brandi. I don't see why. She always stuck to her ideals, and the only reason she did things wrong was because of Shaega and Paranoia. She tried her best, and managed to get Cordelia, so it's all okay.)
Leah (She was a bit boring after Lea left. She was only around so that her and Sylvia could be at each-others necks throughout the season.)
Sylvia (She was an interesting character, pretty much controlling the game after the final seven. She was only eliminated because Dustin is fucking stupid, and i feel she should have been in the finale with Taro.)
Zach (He was more fun after they all realized the presence of a second villain, and i feel he did an entertaining job of trying to find them. Ok, let's face it. He's a bit of a bad-ass. Scaring Paranoia away multiple times.)
Gekkota (I don't really have anything for her, but she beat the shit out of Cordelia, so that's cool.)

Lea (She was the antagonist of the season after Xeradonus was eliminated, and had a good rivalry with Leah. I still don't like her though. Probably just personal opinion.)
Juli (Okay. Let me just say this. I wanted to like Juli. But due to Paranoia rubbing its ugly face all over her tribe, she became a bit of a bitch. She should be lower, but personal opinion strikes again!)
Luna (Hello Stratbot! How are you? What's that? You cannot simulate emotions because you're a robot? Great! Fuck off!)

Dustin (Okay. I would have LOVED Dustin as a character if he hadn't made it this far in the merge. As I said earlier in this comment, he shouldn't have made it this far at all. He was supposed to be an idiot who kept doing well in challenges. I get that. But couldn't he be an idiot who did well in challenges until he was eliminated 8th?)
Cha'telle (I get that you're a boy. I get that you think people might judge you for that. What I don't get is why you act like a total cunt, making people judge you anyway!)

DIAF (Die In A Fire):
Tamara and Cordelia (I'm writing these two as one because I can't stand either of them and I genuinely don't want to write any more about them than I need to. Cordelia was a cunt. Tamara was a cunt who was friends with Cordelia. The End.)

SFC 16 seems like it will be a fun season, and I genuinely hope it's a Fans V Favorites. That way, we might get to spend more time with Ky, AND meet new people to hate!
Doesn't that sound fun!?

This has been your friendly neighborhood Rob0lax.

PS: I never actually cut myself. That requires effort, which is something I don't have.
I'm not really surprised that Taro is gay. The only problem is that now we've learnt this about him, he's gonna go home. Because life sucks.

Okay, i'm too lazy to write stuff about games anymore... so...
I guess i'll just go...

*Some say that Robo became a hobo, exploring the world. Others say he walked into the ocean in hopes of joining the fish. The truth is he's just a lazy shit-head.*
@SWSU-Master: Don't worry, I'd just be cutting my clones.

Oh, right. Forgot to mention. I cloned myself so I could survive suicide.
And so we lose Zach. Shame. He was quite the voice of reason, and I kinda liked him.
Anyway, I really don't see why people dislike Shaega. He's a fun villain and I actually sorta root for him at this point.
Anyway nobody asked my opinion. Onto the important shit!

Game of the Day: Broforce.
Ladies and gentlemen. You gotta hand it to the Americans. If there is one thing they have for certain, it's patriotism. This game and takes it to a whole new level.
All your favourite action movie heroes taking a journey across the world to defeat the evil scum calling themselves 'communists'.
It's a surprisingly challenging action game that throws a freakish amount of enemies at you every level. Oh, and you kill the devil at the end of every level. Completely normal thing right there.

Alright now I can go cut myself
'Oh god not that Robo guy again i thought he died twelve comics ago' -Everyone.

So, Dustin has immunity and nobody is really showing up as a target. I mean, it COULD be Sylvia, it COULD be Leah, it BETTER NOT be Ky. And i highly doubt he's gonna get rid of Shaega this soon. He's probably be voted out next TC, not this one.

Game of the day: Ben and Ed.
Wait, Robo, i thought it was Pokemon of the Day! What the fudgecycles is this!?
I'm glad you asked, voice in my head. I got bored of Pokemon. So now i'm doing games occasionally.
Anyway, Ben and Ed is a 3D platformer about a zombie called Ed being forced into a game show to rescue his human friend Ben. It's got incredibly challenging levels, with a lot of mechanics and collectibles.
Along with this, it's just a fun game... unless you get mad easily, In which case, go buy Huniepop or something.
With plenty of difficult levels and a lot of challenging achievements to get, this game is truly worth trying out.

Alright, now to wait for the people i advertise to throw money at me.

That's how this works, right?

...well shit.
...i'm ok with this.

Pokemon of the day: Ditto
Hey, remember this little shit? well, it's a Normal type Pokemon that is number 132 in the Pokedex.
Ditto is a unique Pokemon, in that it can breed with any other Pokemon and transform into any other Pokemon. that said, as a boring normal type, it's weak to Fighting and immune to Ghost.
Ditto is one of two Pokemon that can use the move Transform... in fact, it's the only move Ditto can use. This move allows Ditto to change its type, stats, moves, species, ability and cry to that of the targets. Each move copied will have 5 PP. just putting that out there. If a Ditto was to encounter a wild Ditto, they would transform into each other constantly, making the battle never end.
As of Generation 5, Ditto has had a hidden signature ability called 'Imposter'. This ability allows Ditto to transform into its opponent the moment it enters the battle. Along with this, it also has the ability 'Limber' which makes it immune to paralysis.
Ditto is completely genderless and has a catch rate of 4.6%.

K i'm done. gonna go cut myself now. and play more danganronpa. cus i'm a nerd.
@Tailslover13: Something i'd like to point out, if Arv hadn't won that challenge, I could have won. pretty sure if that happened, i wouldn't have been seen as a villain.

Pokemon of the day: Missingno
Missingno is Pokemon number 000 and, despite it's glitchy nature, is most similar to a normal type.
Due to it's... 'Typing', it is immune to Ghost type moves and weak to fighting type moves.
Missingno usually appears in the form of a pixelated glitchy block, but can occasionally appear as a Kabutops fossil, an Aerodactyl fossil, or a spooky ghost.
Missingno has the strangest base stats i've ever seen, with 178 in HP and under 25 in every other stat, with a whopping 0 on speed.
In Missingno's normal form. it can learn the moves 'Pay Day', 'Bind' and 'Water Gun'.
According to its wiki entry, Missingno has a height of 10'0", and a weight of 3507.2 lbs. How strange...

Anyway, i'm gonna go cut myself now.


Edit: Overrated?
I'm... that's... i'm so confused as to why i would ever be overrated.
...well, i'm gonna go vomit and cut myself now.

Pokemon of th- wait, i missed a few days. Aw well, nobody cares.
Pokemon of the day: Wartortle (The best Gen 1 Pokemon (IN MY BIGOTED OPINION))
Wartortle is a Water type Pokemon that is number 8 in the Pokedex. It is also my boi.
Due to it being a Water type, Walter is weak to Grass and Electric, but takes half damage from Steel, Fire, Water and Ice.
Walt Disney has an 87.5% chance to be male, and a catch rate of 5.9%
Waxing can be received by evolving a Squirtle at level 16, and later can evolve itself into a Blastoise at level 36. But why would it do that? that would stop it from being amazing.

K. i'm gonna go do the aforementioned cutting myself and vomiting.
Ky and Dustin don't need idols! They have each other!
Also, Leah and Sylvia fighting over the idol seems pretty k.

Pokemon of the Day: Cobalion
Cobalion, Pokemon number 638 in the Pokedex, is one of the members of the Swords of Justice along with Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo. Also, he's a Steel and Fighting type. not that anyone cares about that.
Due to it's typing, Cobalt Boy is immune to Poison, weak to Fighting, Ground and Fire, and resistant to Normal, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon and Dark.
This little shit is genderless and has a catch rate of 0.4%... 0.4 PERCENT! THE FUCK!
It doesn't evolve. Just putting that out there too.

Aight, i'm done.
Shaega's emotions are definitely... interesting...
And Brandi is still a clueless bitch.

Pokemon of the day: Your Mom (Miltank)
Miltank, another god damn normal Pokemon, is number 241 in the Pokedex and the most despised Pokemon of Generation 2 (THANKS WHITNEY)
Just like every other Normal type, Milly is weak to Fighting and immune to Ghost.
Millie will always be female, because Pokemon is sexist, and has a catch rate of 5.9%
This Pokemon doesn't evolve because Nintendo hate cows.

Welp i'm gonna go cry again.
Also, i spent over an hour making this comment, because i forgot i was making this comment.