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I've been bad at commenting on this, because, well, I'm bad at commenting on stuff, but I am just itching with anticipation for each new page.
@larkinheather: Looks great! Now I'm tempted to delete my previous comics, to let people try to puzzle it out for themselves - and if not, at least hide any errors I have made!
@larkinheather: OK, I feel even less certain about these than I did the other set.

.pråDtE biv KenEt miStaij me irvåntE ranal .mEt KenEt 6)0 irvåntE tagamin rUb vUhEEt tansUij te testE

I even worked in a number (that should be the digits 6-10-0). Meaning I went for: "All rocks are composed of various minerals. There are 4000 known minerals, but they can be broken into categories."

The word "tahnsoo" is pure invention on my part, and not even based on an existing word, since there didn't seem to be any word meaning something along the lines of "divide".
@larkinheather: The general meaning is something along the lines of: "Knowledge of minerals is essential to a surveyor, and to a miner, and to a stone mason. The education on minerals begins here, with this book."

And, sure, I'll try to think of a couple more. The problem is finding something about minerals I can express with the available vocabulary. I've already cheated with "tehlpradteegahm" and "tehlehndaiahm", for the guilds of Miners and Stone Masons, appropriating other words since no real one exists yet.
Well, I make no promise that this is correct D'ni, especially as I pretty much browbeat a couple of words into new service, but I hope the meaning carries somewhat. Maybe someone who knows it better can correct me? Don't know that it is enough, either.

In Cyan's Dnifont:
.tagamtavok irvåntE Kenen xEmaal b'fasE b'erTtelUKam ga b'erTtelpråDtEgam ga b'erTtelendAam .recUrtav xo irvåntE gloen tomet te met Kor
Man, I wish I knew D'ni letters well enough to transliterate this. I can see that the big word is "irvantee", but for the smaller writing my eyes get dizzy trying to make them out.
Great work!
I have read this through four times since yesterday, and I love it. I really, really hope you'll do the whole thing.