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....I hate writing these things..>.>
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@Chasyn: Nooooo, not at all.
@Chasyn: I like pink.
@Chasyn: <3
@Chasyn: Thank you! <3
@Chasyn: Ya dun wanna know.
@AmeliaP: Yup, them sparkles.
@DFallen: That we are.
The comic has rebooted!!! Come read it at these places.
@AmeliaP: Sorry. Burnt my hand pretty bad and so I couldn't work on comics...x.x. I will be posting again tomorrow tho.
@AmeliaP: Oh no I was just letting you know. No need to be sorry. Makes me really happy to know you wanted to see more! <3
@AmeliaP: Awesome! I JUST updated with the new page. Glad to hear you like it so far.
@AmeliaP: The best kind of giant.
@AmeliaP: Thank you!! It actually animated but I can't get the file size down low enough..x.x
It's a Viiick
Woo, posting the reboot here!
September 20th, 2015
I am currently back, but have precious little time sadly. Because of this I am only going to be posting comic pages to my Tapastic account. With Full time work and other responsibilities it just isn't in my time budget to update three different websites right now. I do apologize and hope everyone can understand. If not I totally understand not following or wanting to read this comic anymore. For those that do want to keep up to date however here is the link to the comic on Tapastic.
@mraab: I'm sorry. I do plan on picking it up, life has just been hectic with college and other projects. It's just hard to find the time to put into a comic. I'm also rethinking the process and design of this one on top of all that. Thank you for your patience though. I will be posting something soon to explain everything once I find out the best way to move forward.
@bbk: Vick is a good bara dad who really killed your parents but is trying to do right by you by being a good bara dad.
@bbk: She is the sass.
@bbk: thank you...this comic has helped me improve artistically quite a bit. But i still do have some miserably bad lazy pages.