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I would say do what's easiest on you. If you think you can still tell your story in a way you would like with just tones, then by all means, do not sacrifice your state of mind for our enjoyment.
... This comic is getting a little Meta. Then again I am new. Love it so far o/
How long exactly is this montage going to be, I wonder? It'll be the only time Atty consistently wins, so I'm betting on maybe one or two more pages.
I'd think she's a rare mix of the two, a guestinor... pruest? prest? Anyone have a better name?
Alright finally... Is that a comment on the story's contents or a subtle nudge at the fact that it's been a while since this comic's had frequent updates like lately? Either way, loving it so far o/
September 23rd, 2015
@Guest: Gonna give that joke the "cold shoulder"
@Xylas_Incarnum: I'll take you up on that one. And another 5 says the others stumble upon him right after it or in the middle of the rampage.
All great things take time, so a delay is alright with me :D enjoy your vacation o/
jeez, I had almost given up hope for this comic! I'm really glad you're getting back to it :D
I second that, I've always been one for quality over quantity, heck I wouldn't mind a small blow to update time if you needed it for colouring :D

That said though, two things: it looks awesome as it is, and don't push yourself too hard, I've seen too many good comic artist/writers burn out because they wanted their comic to be amazing but lacked the time/ability/willpower to do it.
Love Jen's smile back there X3 I just know that in the final chapter or something this old man joke will come back
YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!! great to have ya back! I'm SO looking forward to the new year now!
just want to say
been a long while since i said anything, but I really love your work H0ly
"We're not going until you do"

Whiny kid tactics always work.
February 11th, 2014
in regards to #5
@galaxyspark: yes! thank you! I knew I wasn't the only one who thinks healing magic should require more study and skill than combat magic! It takes more effort to fix something than to break it after all.
January 29th, 2014
Of course we all know that one of three things are going to happen:
1. Caldwell chickens out and she ends up becoming romantically involved with someone else for some added drama later on.

2. he actually asks her out and things don't go exactly as planed and it leads to some extra character development.

or 3. things go properly and we find out some history behind their relationship and the past experiences they may have gone through. And of course, they become romantically involved with each other.

I blame Tv Tropes if it turns out I am right.
Rat's face just screams "oh, god no! Not again!"
November 21st, 2013
Boy, these guys seem friendly.
Master balls
I've actually made it a point to NOT use my master ball on the legendary pokemon, just as a challenge for myself. I've only ever used it when I've been under leveled for the area and I needed a fast way out of a fight with a rare pokemon.
Wow, me too
I just beat the league on my Y yesterday (as of this comment). Also, good job not making your original concepts not too over powered, adds a very nice touch of mercy for the enemies.