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I did not know that your Elfies could transpose their souls like that. @EMMachine it is the power of soul stone, I think it is more along the lines of how much "Wraithbone" (Not sure what you call it man) is used and how attuned the soul itself is to it.
I has it, I envy Al for being able to use Fel's thighs as a pillow.
Well crap...
I think that is the Fallen Spider.
The Avatar is a Daemon when you think about it.
@Random paserby: Now I want to watch that adoable persocom again.
Don't jinx it!
It has been a while but I cannot remember who is the one who sacced our adorably crazy durchii?
September 30th, 2016
Who is the Lynx?
And this is why
I love this comic, very creative use of story telling elements.
I do not even think the Nyds know it is there. What's worse... it is the fact it is our favorite Dark Elfar in there.
Here comes the Bloodied Hand of the God.
Da feelz
Dey are to stronk.
Yay Deniz!!! Am glad he is taking this seriously.
@Black Pete: I know that feeling, a different comic has done that and it disheartens me.
Do I sense a guest star?
Fwosh! Is Richard nearby?
I know that feeling all to well thinking it is later than what it is.
The Mugg and the Fel. The both look so down in the last couple of panels. Well Fel for good reason.
There is a shortage of perfect breast in the world... and what.. she has to mar hers. And kill herself...
Yes Fel,
Saying shit is rather appropriate being chased by a DAMNED RHINO. also... what is the specie of the reptilian girl?
Buffalo gal
Won't you come out tonight, won't you come out tonight?