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a new book?
aww i love kenneth so much right now.
lol i love kenneth. i wish i was the one marrying him now.
i love how the character interact with each other.
so cute. i just got a nose bleed from all the naughty thoughts this page put in my head.
So Cute!!
they are so cute together.
i bet the next page is gonna be fun.
and yay thanks for the new page.
Have Fun!!
i hope you enjoy your vacation.
i find it so cute that Beth is jealous and love Kenneths expression in the last panel. he's so handsome i just wanna hug him.
Also i love the Julien incentive.
O.O sexy wallpaper
the voting incentive is very sexy. i can't wait to meet Madalina. Julien is beautiful and i wish i could hold his hand too.
you're so cool.
Julien is my favorite character so far. i can't wait to learn more about him.