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Drawing is just a hobby for me; a way to put stories down visually. Until I found Smackjeeves, NO ONE saw any of my drawings/comics, so this is still kinda weird to me.

I have a problem in that I get too many ideas, hence the multiple comics I've attempted. *beats muses with a bat*

WSWB is my main comic. Every single time I try to do another comic on the side, I can't keep up with both, and I end up having to dump the spare in order to keep WSWB going. Once WSWB is done, I can focus on another project.

[[All of my comics read L-R, western style]]
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RE: Hannah... they're both too sore at each other lately poor bbs

RE: Spartanc45... one slip-up and Jas would never have stepped into that cell

RE: Del Spaig... SO MUCH SHIT

RE: Bob... nothing could possssibly go wrong

RE: DeathKnightofAnime... >:D
Another late page D:

So when I got my new computer (and had to also upgrade Manga Studio), I lost a lot of resources-- including the font for the store that I'll have to find online again, and the original pattern for Tabby's dress pffff


RE: MayelVG... yeah missing him like a thorn in his foot


RE: Hannah... nnnnope :D
I stayed up wayyyy too late tryin to finish this, so it's a day late.

'scuse my idiotic looking van ...OTL

RE: RazorD9... yeah, that's the rough part, there's always parts of the issue that end up building up around a vague outline, so i don't always know 100% what's gonna happen in a specific issue sometimes :o Sometimes it just ends up building up and happening next issue pffft

RE: MayelV... thx~ :>
BAH, took me awhile to think of a title. I hateee thinking up titles DX

Didn't answer last page's comments bc they're mostly speculation, and I'll leave it to you guys to find out :>
Esp since the gang has recently had a similar argument concerning memory and Darius.
#35 END
Phew! It was a long one, but this issue's finally over :>


RE: RazorD9... yeahhh sounded unpleasant :p

RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... a switcheroo from me to u

RE: Spartanc45... he won't let them XD

RE: Hannah... yeah kid gloves officially discarded

RE: Bob... they'll mostly just be pleased to have their most violent escapee back

RE: MarioKong... nonsense, 600 pages at least

RE: MayelV... but he's so cute & cuddly
RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... he's gonna put tabby through the 3rd degree after this

R:E Rubyfire41... muchly

RE: MayelV... she's not scurred
RE: RazorD9... u might be the only one who misses him haha

RE: Rubyfire41... maybe he can fashion one out of his armpit hair

RE: MrocnyZbik... :D

RE: Bob... oh def dumping off like stinky unwanted trashbag

RE: Sandman366... yeppp :d been planning this issue for way too long OTL;;

RE: Hannah... she may prefer to leave him blindfolded on a train track
RE: RazorD9... gail stamp of approval

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... HE'S SO UNGRATEFUL

RE: Sandman366... >:DDDD
Oof this pg took longer than I expected. Issue's winding to a close tho :>


RE: RazorD9... new knife holster pffffftt

RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... his brain's still stammering to catch up

RE: Spartanc45... maybe she can cram that phone down his throat so he can't scream as she carries him out bridal style :D


RE: Bob... "oh sorry to bother u then, jail break cancelled"
Note-- page 28 went up on Thursday, for anyone that missed it.


RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... his brain is busy overloading w/ too much info haha the mention of Tabs was Too Much

RE: MayelV... poor hesitant bb
Got interrupted a ton while working on this yesterday so it's a day late D:


RE: RazorD9... omg

RE: MayelV... ttly legit

RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... yeah they couldn't look innocent if they were paid to
RE: Rubyfire41... psychically in shape

RE: Hannah... poor bb sean

RE: Spartanc45... gasp how could u accuse jasper of such mean things
OKEY DOKE only a few more panels left of the girl talk. I had to get this convo out of the way though bc otherwise there will be no place to squeeze it in


RE: Del Spaig... and can't keep his sarcastic comments to himself haha sean nO

RE: Rubyfire41... liek ttly

RE: Hannah... Sean "go get that dick, girl" Evans

RE: Bob... pft no, but i needed to get this conversation in before other stuff happens. it lasted longer than i intended tho DX

RE: MayelV... lol

RE: Spartanc45... flapjacks lolll and nah, he's just fuckin with her XD
RE: Sibilla... hahaha XD

RE: RazorD9... wh..what on earth brought up this helen keller question fhdjakflads idek how to answer

RE: MayelV... she's gonna stuff her head under a pillow and bitch herself for doing so later haha

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... he's gonna be even more blunt XD
RE: Rubyfire41... pfffffffft no

RE: Del Spaig... just a toxic one D:

RE: RazorD9... he's a little nonplussed right now tbh

RE: MayelV... yoooo thx for the read :>

RE: Hannah.. heya, welcome back! :D yeah, i've like.. slowed down so much with it lately. i'm rly struggling w/ the story rn :<
*crawls out of scum pit to drop off comic*
*slinks guiltily away*
RE: DarkFlameOSecrets... lol i used to have so many LoZ tunes/sound effects for my phone

RE: Del Spaig... but i wanna be tracer
(jk, i'm such a mercy main ghfdsajf)
kglhdafsd Sorry for being so sporadic lately. It's a mix of things, from work to playing a lot of Overwatch with friends, to my trial version of Clip Art running out. Luckily they're having a half off sale, so I was able to buy it the other day. I've also been hesitant with this issue bc of how things in this issue and the following ones start spiraling towards.... stuff. >>; So it's made me more anxious about whether I've everything timed/outlined correctly.