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Drawing is just a hobby for me; a way to put stories down visually. Until I found Smackjeeves, NO ONE saw any of my drawings/comics, so this is still kinda weird to me.

I have a problem in that I get too many ideas, hence the multiple comics I've attempted. *beats muses with a bat*

WSWB is my main comic. Every single time I try to do another comic on the side, I can't keep up with both, and I end up having to dump the spare in order to keep WSWB going. Once WSWB is done, I can focus on another project.

[[All of my comics read L-R, western style]]
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RE: RazorD9... yup :D to hammond, free labor=best labor

RE: Spartanc45... pfft yeah def dps
RE: Melbrinion... yeah def in the wrong place
November 28th, 2018
long time no see
ta-dahhhh jasper joins the top banner lineup~


RE: Almightyra... gail, secret master chef
fetch the nail clippers


RE: Spartanc45... good lord

RE: Almightyra... oh my :o

RE: Mr Tuesday... lol was the Patron drawing i did in june for pride month
Useless lesbian exhibit A


RE: Almightyra... clearly

RE: Killsoty... if that's a play on "beckbecks" she's coming for you after she kicks Amber upside the head

RE: RazorD9... his shoe is gone forever
If Rebecca knew the cutesy nickname Amber used for her in her phone, there would be a fight

Bah, the layout of this page suggests it's the last in this issue, but I forgot a final scene, so there's actually one or two pages left.


RE: RazorD9... gail no that's not how it goes D:
late late late @__@;;
RE: Xylas_Incarnum... what starrie said. if i saw my buddy suddenly change appearances like that i'd possibly pee my pants

RE: Kikirini... the same thing crossed my mind while inking ghjadlf i was like... what does this panel remind me o--OMG

RE: starrie... ye

RE: MarioKong... ew
RE: Mr. Tuesday... lol more like a kid and less like an Evul Genius
RE: spartanc45... SO WELL
RE: sun tzu... lol XD

RE: Spartanc45... his macho gene overrode his common sense

RE: RazorD9... lord don't get that stuck in my head

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... should've drawn him peeing his pants
This seemed appropriate for Halloween month >:D

Ah, Gail, using your powers responsibly as usual.


RE: RazorD9... and jasper is obvs one fashionable dude

RE: Guest... illusion, yes. tat, no XD

RE: MrocnyZbik... um ow

RE: Rubyfire41... the only thing jas wants to put in marisol is a very sharp knife
RE: DeathKnightofAnime... yeah without her powers she probably would've kicked him in the nuts :p

RE: Grace... lol

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... yeah none of the dudes from the other gangs ever even consider it, aside from Javier

RE: Killsoty... and she's gonna make sure he regrets it
A day late bc I went to bed a bit early thinking I'd have to work today bc there's so many files to do blehh


RE: Xylas_Incarnum... I never played TF2; I didn't even think I'd be able to get into OW tbh

RE: Rubyfire41... lollll that might have terrifying results
aaaa didn't think i was gonna finish this on time hfhfhf

took my time a bit on the ink, the ended up rushing the coloring pffft BUT IT'S UP ON WEDNESDAY HAH


RE: Melbrinion... it's addictive OTL;

RE: Spartanc45... she is the epitome of subtlety
September 30th, 2018

Also, the little preview pic on the main pg is wrong bc i can't get into the place i host some of my images oops


RE: MrocnyZbik... that horror movie in space? yes omg i saw it in the theater with my sisters and we were all traumatized D:
September 28th, 2018
RE: MarioKong... lol
September 15th, 2018
Sorry I missed Wednesday's page. I forgot until the last second that I'd run out of buffer pages, and for the last week or two my sisters and I have been trying out Overwatch a lot >.>;

These bench seats are based off some weird ones from a hospital waiting room I saw once, but now they just kinda.. look odd OTL;;


RE: Killsoty... clearly

RE: MrocnyZbik... whattttt that blows D:

RE: Spartanc45... affirmative
RE: MrocynZbik... was finally playing Tyranny :)

RE: RazorD9... all lemon ones. blech

RE: Melbrinion... nooooo (i actually had a coworker chide me for being a shut-in, too pfff)