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Drawing is just a hobby for me; a way to put stories down visually. Until I found Smackjeeves, NO ONE saw any of my drawings/comics, so this is still kinda weird to me.

I have a problem in that I get too many ideas, hence the multiple comics I've attempted. *beats muses with a bat*

WSWB is my main comic. Every single time I try to do another comic on the side, I can't keep up with both, and I end up having to dump the spare in order to keep WSWB going. Once WSWB is done, I can focus on another project.

[[All of my comics read L-R, western style]]
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Ok, throwing this up here real quick and then I gotta run cuz we're going camping~
September 20th, 2017
Dun dun dunnn


RE: RazorD9... *marks u as spam*

RE: king_13... yooo welcome back :D thanks~

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... yeah, Amber's had time to hone both abilities to some degree, while Gail keeps having to figure out her 2nd
September 16th, 2017
RE: Xylas_Incarnum... Gail kinda secretly fears Amber on a rampage XD;

RE: daidaishar... and he shall appear :D

RE: Spartanc45... next time make Dee keep him out there, Gail
September 13th, 2017
Mandatory 5 hours/week OT at work until further notice, so i'm reallyyy glad i have a couple pages backlogged x___@


RE: Xylas_Incarnum... gail and sean would not approve

RE: RazorD9... eventually panic and survival instinct will win out XD

RE: Spasrtanc45... :D :D :D

RE: daidaishar... gail is like Uber Suspicious at this point
RE: MarioKong... hopefully he didn't soil his underwear
RE: Lazy!Spartanc45... let the woman dream
RE: RazorD9... must know who to safely sass off to

RE: Spartanc45... surprise, sue!
Finally got Sue's hair the way I want it ffff
Tabby's starstruck

Dee's fighting hasn't been mentioned since she first showed up, so here's that page.


RE: Killsoty... he needs his pacifier

RE: Kikirini... he is So Offended to hear that

RE: RazorD9... lol he didn't get as much time to play as he'd have liked

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... poor jasper. everyone is so mean to u

RE: MarioKong... haha everyone seems to be thriving on his sour mood XD;
RE: Xylas_Incarnum... he mostly dodged the question when Gail asked him about it
RE: Xylas_Incarnum... Tabby hopes so, too XD

RE: Grace... blame Oscar~ :D
Sometimes I really miss the thicker lines I used to ink with, and though I've gotten used to thinner lines now, they occasionally make certain things a pain. Esp with certain facial features for some reason, or for close-ups. So I'm starting to use thicker lines for certain panels, and I quite like it <3
(It's a bit more obvious, I think, in the next page.)
RE: Spartanc45... wow, such a negative nancy XD;;
RE: EmilyAnnCoons... yeah I'm beginning to enjoy drawing her with her hair down XD

RE: RazorD9... sorry, she's taken~
Oopsie, it's a day late bc I thought yesterday was Tuesday.


RE: RazaorD9... lol now there's an odd mental image

RE: MarioKong... murderous little hamsters
drawing chibis w hamster cheeks amuses me ok
RE: RazorD9... lolol

RE: MarioKong... how dare she

RE: Melbrinion... no idea tbh; he's roughly based off a cat I had when I lived in FL

RE: Spartanc45... she should just wear a mask everywhere
RE: LightEclipse... my sister is also obsessed with eggs lol

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... more like a very irritated and suspicious gangster XD

RE: Melbrinion... no, not that i think she'd notice ^^;; (tho they haven't slept together, yet.) it's just the usual first couple colored pages of an issue
RE: Snowwater... tabby can bring out the best in her ^.^

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... yeah, I warned in the author notes a couple pages ago that they may vanish; had to move to a different image host

RE: Karlijn... Gail, think of your rep!!
RE: RazorD9... HURR HURR

RE: lazy!spartanc45... nonsense, he's the soul of caution >.>

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... maybe it's jam :D