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Drawing is just a hobby for me; a way to put stories down visually. Until I found Smackjeeves, NO ONE saw any of my drawings/comics, so this is still kinda weird to me.

I have a problem in that I get too many ideas, hence the multiple comics I've attempted. *beats muses with a bat*

WSWB is my main comic. Every single time I try to do another comic on the side, I can't keep up with both, and I end up having to dump the spare in order to keep WSWB going. Once WSWB is done, I can focus on another project.

[[All of my comics read L-R, western style]]
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RE: Almightyra, Spartanc45... BZZT wrong

RE: Killsoty... "dry up" ghfjdkalfgads
RE: MarioKong... just start a picket line, with one word per sign

RE: RazorD9... she's still gotta test its limits-- tho she might not want tabby's brother to have a heart attack in his cell if he gets a transforming card anyway XD;;
RE: Almightyra... p close yeah lol

RE: Killsoty... definitely on MY to-do list

RE: LightEclipse... psychic
RE: LightEclipse... you've been a bad gf, gail, go sit in the corner

RE: Killsoty... SHE SO CLEVUR

RE: Mr Tuesday... she learned not to pull that shit, that's what she learned lol

RE: Almightyra... just a smidge

RE: MarioKong... she's probably frantically trying to recall if *anyone* ever used her full name that way lol
Real smooth, Gail


RE: Killsoty... it's beatdown tiem

RE: Almightyra... lol

RE: RazorD9... or in the doghouse

RE: LightEclipse... at least anna was smart enough to flee

RE: Grace... XDD

RE: MarioKong... Mount Tabitha has erupted
Oops almost forgot to post this tonight.

ALSO, fun fact, I was so determined to get Gail in color w/ all the blood in that page, she is not the only one who forgot Dee was Right There >__>;;;;


RE: LightEclipse... SURPRISE

RE: Killsoty... maybe gail XD

RE: RazorD9... ufufu

RE: Rubyfire41... :D

RE: Almightyra... nothing at all~

RE: Grace... lol yes
forgot how nice it is to have a buffer :D i finished getting like 4 pages ahead last week


RE: LightEclipse... XD

RE: Mr Tuesday... it's Fretting Time

RE: MarioKong... olord
RE: Xylas_Incarnum... she can summon dust mites

RE: MarioKong... hmmm i wonderrr
Max 'This is a Tomorrow Problem' Fallow


RE: LightEclipse... hillary has had Enough

RE: Almightyra... I'm sure the thought has crossed Sean's mind, tho it'd only be worth it if he could see the scandalized reaction lol
RE: RazorD9... lol bird dogging.. haven't heard that phrase used in a long time
go wash your hand, amber


RE: LightEclipse... sean is so Done with sappy couples today
RE: LightEclipse... now with Even More Fluff

RE: RazorD9... rebecca would've spitefully given him raisin cookies
RE: LightEclipse... an antihero. sort of XD

RE: Mr Tuesday... wat? i hope you meant like... skim milk and not skinned alive hgjszkwtf
RE: RazorD9... gail would probably like that info just to rub amber's face in it XD
Press X to Doubt

Also yayyy I took the rest of the week off for my bday I'm so hyped :D I have like.. no cool plans lol I'm mostly just gonna play the games I've gotten from the Steam sale and draw. I keep jumping between Far Cry 5 and Pillars of Eternity ghjadlk


RE: RazorD9... Gail ends up with Rebecca's roomie SPOILER ALERT

RE: Rubyfire41... "Gail Will Remember That"
Poor Will. Moment of panic like "HOW LONG WAS I GONE??"


RE: LightEclipse... huehuehue

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... meanie
RE: LightEclipse... I'm still getting used to mine. Why do I have to clean them every 5 minutes ghfjdskl
Sorry it's a day late, I went to bed early last night so I could go to the Portland Pride Parade this morning :D

I am... so sunburned... D:


RE: LightEclipse... now she can drunk text them all night

RE: RazorD9... yeah i would be hopin in a shower
RE: Mr Tuesday... not as much as Tabitha, but yeah, sometimes XD
RE: Linkie_Sao_MC_MLP... thanks :D haha sean would approve of that power i think

RE: MrocnyZbik... ewwwww D:

RE: Xylas_Incarnum... not to that degree, no