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Thank you very much for this comment.

I have been quite busy with school and such and haven't been able to work on a comic, along with me buying new games, I got so quick addictions which I am now bored of!

I am working on my next comic now!
Hiatus = Over
If you are wondering (or noticed) that my comic output stopped, I would just tell you that I am on a Hiatus, I temporarily quit, to gather material, and etc.

Well tomarrow, I will begin the only almost daily sprite comic.

May the sprites live on.
This next week, my comics won't be cut short by fatigue (I stay up late). So I can make better comics, with improved effects.
I may have said that, but it isn't certain. My statements are something of a myth.

I think we have too many authors, so I would just close applications for now.
To suggestions, I have stopped using Comic Sans, I have switched to a much better font, Webletter BB, or something like that, it is working out pretty good, and it looks much better than comic sans.
Operation Survivor
To those who want us to look different than the other comics, please refrain from using the room maker, if you lack the artistic ability to make a custom room, make one out of sprites. As the general public sees it, isometric rooms are overused and we need to deviate.

Operation Survivor

We have the people
We have the sprites
We have the Humor

We need original rooms.
You can help by making a room in photoshop, or make one out of scenery sprites.

If you help, I thank you.
I hate to say it, but bored is right, this room maker is BAAAD, I don't have anything against it, but I would suggest not using it if you want your room to look original, so time for me to get to work on a new one.
And these new text bubbles take a while to make.

And stepping up from my Explosm Style comics, to comics with backgrounds and storylines.
Whooo! I get to be in a comic with other edited FF1 sprites!

To everyoone that makes an intro, Please post your sprites! We need access to your sprites so we can include you in our comics!

And also a version of your room with nobody in it.
Pretty good.

Idea: Make your characters roomates.

I think your sprite is from the FF1 remake, but I am not sure.

Now is sleepy time, while I drift in my dreams of comical ideas.
Laziness is cool, to not act like a hypocrite.
I can't even afford Photoshop, so I just use Gimp 2.0 and MS Paint, good combo.
Nice room!

I need to make a new room, spending too much time on customizing sprites
Anyone is allowed to join, just starting out.

The only rule is that you make a room, when you join!
The room creator with DDR is this one:
I will post these links on resources!
Comik: I use eLoui's room maker, because I need some more room making skills, I am getting pretty good at making rooms with Paint, but eLoui's looks alot better.
Time to tune in!
This comic is the first chapter of the storyline, which can take any twists and turns you, or I want it to take!

Following this comic, the storyline begins!

Read the news post, and now would be a good time for some willing authors to sign-up and help me out!
If you are wondering.
This comic is my introduction for an Author Comic named "Echolon Author Comic" it uses sprites and they sould be welcoming me to their scores sometime soon.