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I'm an Australian high school student right now.
I draw, sing and occationaly yell at people.

Annnd. I may be starting some kind of comic this year.
I just need a decent idea :le die:
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February 11th, 2009
Gah. There really aren't words for how much I love this~ Your ink work makes me so incredibly happy C:
and so ends this uh...part :/ I hope you enjoyed my attempt to not watch south park (I swear, more then half an hour of that show and all I want to do is die slowly and painfully).

Next part will be...I dunno when. It'll probably have the girls in it though.
That said. It is my birthday tomorrow~ <3
Missing pages
the two pages that are up today are blanks since I screwed them up and haven't gotten around to redrawing them >___> think of them as yet more "Choose your own adventure" stuff.
here...have a quick doodle of Honey Bee with his hair down.
Cherry:Fuck Wit
Honey Bee:C'...why are you playing welcome brigade??
Cherry:I lost a wager with I get to greet all new guests for the rest of the month...
Cherry:"Of Course~"
Cherry:These will be your rooms during your stay at The Meriad. I trust everything will be to your liking....?

((That's Jenny. She used to be a circus clow ~ C: ))
Again, here's what the text says:

Cherry:"You will find out House caters to almost all tastes. There are several guide lines that I do ask that you follow. I trust the Madame has informed you of these?"

Customer with funky hand:"Yes,yes! Your Madame has told me all about those. Now, if you please, could you show me to my rooms? I'd rather not waste any more time with servants"

((yay, additional dialogue))
Since I can't be bothered to add what Cherry say's to the page, here it is:

Welcome to the Meriad. I am Cherry, and I will be your guide this evening. If you are in need of anything while your are in our House, I would be happy to oblige you.

My assistant will be glad to take your coat, as well as any other items you do not wish to keep with you this evening. I do ask that you remove any weapons at this stage, as well as any other illicit items.
January 9th, 2009
January 9th, 2009
....again, I am the soul inventory of anatomy, and anything you think is wrong is souly to do with your own misjudgement of reality...not my inability to draw and lack of knowledge of the human body and it's structure.

so there D:
side note: i freakin' well love drawing free hand~~~
fear Mr. Big head DDD:

PS: part 2 is up now
January 9th, 2009
presenting Nerossis and Janus. This whole part was done while attempting to not watch 3 hours worth of South Park, so expect some high quality stuff.Hiiigh quality.

Also, feel free to make up your own dialogue. I could never really come up with anything decent :/
ohyes. there'll be new pages uploaded almost everyday for the next week or so.
Admittedly, they're pretty much the same thing as the last lot of pages, but hey. Different characters~
Place Holder
For now, this is just a place holder. Part three will probably be uploaded before part two.
What I like about this page is that I forgot to draw Janus' nose. which makes it look very, very odd.
Plus, Nerosiss looks like Neithen. A lot P:
AND that's not what they'd normally wear. They've got an appiontment to go to but Nero's being pervy first.
Yay, .gif compression.
2x yay for my drawing abilities
K, so just to warn you:
The layout of pages get's completely screwed after this. I just sort of draw pages/ panels on note paper and throw them together in photoshop.
AND, the art gets dodgy. Like really dodgy.
July 28th, 2008

I will write you to your prison cell today,
and I will never love another, not in any other way.
So Marlon, can you tell me, you never said you're sorry,
you just turned and said...

is what is says :>
(again, my handwriting is dismal)
July 24th, 2008
<3 Thankyou

I do line art and some colouring (mostly black, white and red ink washes) work traditionally. I then throw a heap of digital junk on top :">
Each page is done a little differently.
July 20th, 2008
I had a heap going on school wise, so had to stop working on this for a while.
But now I'm back and trying to get it all done before the end of this month~