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This is soo relateble my voice does the exact same thing!
Thank you!
I get that same stereotype! Just because I look,act and like to wear boys clothing does not mean I like girls and it doesn't mean I want to be a boy! Thank goodness someone understands! This is so relateble!
I can relate to having that mental wall to protect you. In fact my wall practically fits yours too a T.
Though I'm not a lesbian or anything of the sort I've kinda built up my wall for about the same reasons that you and others probably built up the wall. Like rejection,criticism,getting hurt,ect. I also kinda tend to freeze up or kinda zone out in social situations that I'm not familiar with. This also tends to hurt me in a relationship because I can't really be open or throw myself into trusting my partner.
But hopefully that wall will fade or atleast become weaker so I can actually be comfortable with people!
I hope the best for you and that your wall also disperses! Good luck!
@Quadrant: A love kite? that's a toughy...
Oh Jude please be kind and gental to Lee. I suspect that he has already been hurt and (by the boy who was his bestfriend in the flash back) cheated on or something. Please be good to him. He's naive and needs a strong person to help him...don't be the one to hurt him. What you do now can greatly hurt him,Jude,and also you in the long run. You can lose the greatest thing you've come across!
watch the maid,Marissa,come in!