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man in black) Yeah, he doesn't have time to play word games

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Destruction but I didn't expect a cross between Sideshow Bob and an Exeggutor, lol

This was partially a remake of an old piece featuring the four Abstracts in the background. Much of the story and design has changed since then: http://whirlwynd.deviantart.com/art/The-Balance-of-Nature-30090759
man in black) He's mostly just teasing her, he has a lot on his mind =p I've mainly been sticking around DrunkDuck myself because I've been there forever; there are very few small communities I've been in that didn't fall apart eventually. Of course DD wasn't always a small community --

Busy busy busy. I've been drawing two pages a week instead of one because I have a big trip coming up. Posting one a week here, but they can be seen on Patreon when they're finished: www.patreon.com/geminicblue
man in black) Thanks for the note! I'll add a tail to that last bubble when I make my next round of corrections.

Anyone voting in the Drunk Duck Awards this year? I normally just participate in the ceremony comics but I decided to actually push for a nomination this year (and base a comic on whether or not that happens, lol) If any of you voted Rowena for Best Protagonist and/or Marlin for Best Antagonist I would be grateful!

Rowena is referring to Marlin's commentary on Chapter 3 Page 19 http://ladyunlucky.smackjeeves.com/comics/2351374/chapter-3-page-19-audacity/
man in black) I'm hoping at least by then I'll see milestones as a great excuse to throw a huge party

x_x I probably tweaked the dialogue for this page 50 times and I'm still not sure it's right
man in black) It's a Lumnian classic!

I turned 35 on Wednesday and I'm not feeling that great about it. Falling into that "I haven't achieved enough in my time" trap pretty hard.
man in black) Yep, they'd get stuck in it like a big old Jello cake

Rowena is not the most mature of former immortals, as you may have noticed
man in black) oh yeah

I swear all of this is relevant

Also some of you might remember this happening differently in the last version. The "freeze trigger" element was no longer essential to the plot so it was removed.
man in black) He is ENTIRELY aware of the title of this comic, he's just a wiseguy =p

Oh man, sorry this took so long! (This includes an apology to my poor burnt out eyes x_x)

Cameos on this page:
-Tiffany and Dylan from Otherworld Theatre www.otherworldtheatre.org
-man in black's Samantha Viper
-Prite's Nepenthe and Zebby prite.deviantart.com/
man in black) "My assistant actually just cleans the building. Have fun!" -- which is entirely something Marlin would do, now that I think about it.

Hello from Chicago! I am officially on vacation, though part of the time I'll be helping set up for Otherworld Theatre's Rogue Aviator, which opens this weekend. https://www.otherworldtheatre.org/the-rogue-aviator
I will also be at Anime Central (as a guest, not an exhibitor) Gonna be fun!
man in black) It's definitely not at Marlin's remarks!

x_x this is going to be a busy week
man in black) Or I'm just wishing I had one of my own, LOL

Marlin's office has no dramatic lighting in the morning, which makes me sad because dramatic lighting looks more interesting. Outside morning isn't much different from night because Lumnia has no sun.
I spent the whole time making this picture going "WHY DID I PUT A MOTORCYCLE IN IT"
End Chapter 3! Don't forget for Patreon supporters there are five extra pages to this chapter and they are all up now. https://www.patreon.com/geminicblue
I'm about to hit the road from Chicago to Denver after seeing the premiere Moon Prism Power! https://www.otherworldtheatre.org/moonprismpowerparody Entirely worth driving there and back. But I have to get an early start so I'm just uploading and running, I'll get back to commentary later.
man in black) Yep!
man in black) Osprey is definitely kept in the dark about a lot of things x_x lol I kinda wish I didn't remember the old name

Looong comic today and there's a few more things than normal going on this week --

-The Q&A answer compilation is going to be delayed because I had some unexpected real-world obligations this week and I had to flip my production schedule. So questions will be open until Friday instead =)

-Chapter 3 is now finished on Patreon and has begun a Patreon-exclusive epilogue to that chapter. It's a short that gives a little more insight to what Marlin and Osprey's relationship is like and what Marlin's motivations are through the story. Everything on my Patreon is available for only $1 a month: https://www.patreon.com/geminicblue
The Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/ladyunluckygb
man in black) He knows too much

soulraider116) Welcome and thank you for taking the time to write that in-depth commentary! =D I encourage critique on my work as I'm always looking to grow, so don't be afraid to speak your mind here. I hope the story lives up to your expectations.

Tomorrow Lady Unlucky is 10 years old! We're having a comic Q&A session as a celebration. I'll be posting an update with more information tomorrow but basically you can ask us authors or any of this comic's characters a question and we will answer in comic format =)
man in black) In this case, no 8(

Crossover time =D
Bonus update today! I have posted this trailer preview publicly before but with incomplete tweening. Still have some timing issues to work out yet but have a look! http://20galaxies.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/arguetest1.gif
man in black) Probably a little bit. She doesn't think much about the Big Picture.

A few months ago I joined a Multi-Animator Project and made a Lady Unlucky-related piece for it. The final video was posted this week, and you can see it here! http://youtu.be/Kn7JbJz5ISw
man in black) Relevant to this page: In the last two versions of the story her room was tiny. She never knows what she's going to get.
Happy New Year! I'm staring off mine sick x_x but not too sick to draw.