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Originally I wrote in that the Cup Bros were friends with Cagney Carnation before the game starts, but I also like the idea that's commonly thrown around that they don't know him and they're like "he's a flower, how difficult could this be?"

Also in-game the Devil's exact words are, "I have here a list of my runaway debtors. Collect their souls for me, and I just might pardon you two mugs." -- no promises made there, huh?
@Guest: He's a perceptive one
I have my doubts about character motivation here, but to be honest it's my favorite page so it stays
@Guest: XD At least it would be easy to film, just burn a piece of paper and reverse the footage
^_^() I totally forgot to update this morning I'm sorry! I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago
Seen the trailer for the animated version yet? =D

A lot of people wonder why the debtors don't just destroy their contracts and I have two theories -- one mentioned in the comic. The other that the contracts are like the One Ring and can only be destroyed in the fires that they were forged.
@mrjacob77: Thank you! =D
@Wishingwell: Now what to do with this information O_O
Early update 2. Animated trailer for TZ will be out tomorrow morning =D
Early update due to schedule weirdness
I was running with the idea that most of the wishes granted by the Devil had a Monkey's Paw-style catch. Maybe not all of them.


Brushes by Obsidian Dawn
No story of mine is complete without some trippy space art

Mood music for the next couple pages:

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Obsidian Dawn
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@zeta beta: Glad you like it! =D
I bought mostly vegetables at the store today. Does that make me An Adult?
Apologizes to the non NFL fans watching me but I've been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since I was a little kid and I've been screaming internally since last night


Brushes by Obsidian Dawn
Net's down at our place so this update is courtesy of Qdoba =D
@HM2000: She's on a mission!
Appropriate page for eclipse day

King Dice is supposed to have dialogue on this page and this is where I found out I am entirely incapable of writing his voice