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@ThomewCherub25: Oh cool! I'd love to see it if you put it online =D
Early update! I realized I won't have any time tomorrow to do this stuff due to the holiday x_x

Oops, she snapped. To be fair, she's on Nancy Thompson levels of sleep. Also I was watching Tornado Road when I drew this and that may or may not have influenced it lol
ThomewCherub25) Mine too! =)

I'm currently working on Page 18 and definitely getting more of a rhythm for the characters. I already want to go back and re-draw the early pages but that's not happening, I'll save that for if I animate this.

Brushes by Obsidian Dawn
Oh my sweet summer child
Good news! From now on updates will be on Thursdays too, so expect the next update on the 16th =)
@Tifancy: Thank YOU! =D This might be the first comic I actually finish
I'm on Page 118 for Comic Barrage, so if you're interested in reading ahead why not join my Patreon?

So I just now realized that Shawn is wearing short sleeves in this page and long sleeves in all the others. Adding to "fix for print" list
I also did an animated "Page 3 1/2" =p

I'm up to Page 7 now on buffer! When I finish the comic entirely I'll start adding more updates a week.
I've been doing a "comic barrage" this week, drawing as many pages as I can in a set amount of time. I have up to page 115 up on Patreon if you're interested in reading ahead =)

In other news I think I have a candy hangover x_x
I spent like 30 minutes looking for a hidden sleeping NPC before I realized that the Isle 1 bosses make noises when you get near them
*dramatic staaaare*
I'm making these Photoshop watercolor brushes work somehow
30's dialogue is not my forte but I'll do my best x_x I actually made this page before the cover, partially to test my style and partially to gauge interest.
So I recently picked up Cuphead and I'm loving every minute of it! I decided to draw a short adaptation based on my favorite boss in the game, Hilda Berg. This is a bit different from my normal drawing style but I'm picking it up relatively quickly.

For those unfamiliar with the game's story, the short edition: The two kids up front there^ lost a bet with the Devil for their souls. He agreed to spare them if they retrieve soul contracts from other people who made deals with him and then broke them.
Oof, I just got this one out. Been a little distracted by Cuphead -- both playing and creating. I'll be working on a short comic adaptation that will update Mondays. I think I might upload it on my usual comic sites once I get a cover done.

I'll also be streaming my progress on the game weeknights at 11 Mountain Time, so if you're a night owl and you'd like to watch (or just hang out with some of my friends and talk game theory) come on over!
@nbenn6694: Thank you so much! =)
Been working pretty hard on my upcoming animated series, 3π Aces. Center of updates is on Facebook -- check it out and give us a like? =D Also, Patreon supporters get to see the episodes as they're being made
"There are dangers here of significant magnitude I can perceive JUST FINE thank you"