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I draw AND write Never the Hero! That's an accomplishment, right? And since it's such an accomplishment, you shouldn't care too much when there's errors.
I was actually kind of under the impression that no one besides, like, three of my friends read Never the Hero. When I had to stop making it and focus on other things, I told my friends and then... Never put anything on here. I'm really sorry about that.
You know, I started making Never the Hero right when I was graduating high school? Now I'm about four months away from graduating college. But I've been coming up with NTH story ideas since before I was graduating middle school. Shit's weird, man.


While I had to focus on my jobs, school, and various life-related dramas; I stopped updating NTH for a few weeks. Those few weeks spread out into months, because I realised I wasn't happy with a lot of the established setting and plot. I was tired of trying to bend over backwards to fix cruddy old ideas. Not only that, but characters that had started out as side characters, who'd been designated as cannon fodder since the beginning of the story? Those fuckers started TAKING OVER THE WHOLE PLOT.

So, this is me, starting over.

I'm making the prequel to Never the Hero. I called it 'Sometimes the Bad Guy', cause I have a shitty sense of humor. It's hosted over on Taptastic, at , because I like their programs for supporting creators.
Sometimes the Bad Guy stars Jethro Todd and Alec Ballesteros, and it has a couple of guys heading out to college, surviving explosions, superpowers, ~finding yourself~, morally dubious actions, kissing, and teenagers who think their hair looks better than it does.
I think it's a good read, I mean, personally! Right now it has like five pages, so there's stuff there.
After Sometimes the Bad Guy is over, I'll be rebooting Never the Hero. It'll be in modern times this time, so shit's gonna change, but all the characters are gonna be the same lovable assholes.

The 18yo me who started NTH didn't know shit, and decided to set the plot so far in the future so they wouldn't have to research shit. They didn't know shit about pacing, panels, word bubbles, or basic character design.
And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
I'm so thankful 18yo me started making NTH. Because it made me /learn/ that shit. I love NTH, and I had to evolve as a person for NTH's sake.

For everyone who read this, my first attempt at a comic? I love you, too. You, and everything about this, have been a huge impact on my life. Thank you.
Reminder that updates will be coming whenever I can finish a page, while I figure out a new schedule!
yeah, im just going to go to a 'upload the page when i get it done' schedule! obviously i cant stick to a structured one right now. I have two jobs now. and school. uh.
Yeah, that was slightly more than a one week break, I apologise. Suffice it to say, I was busy.
As such, NTH pages will probably be on a 'when I have time for it' basis for a while, because higher education, a job, and occasionally talking to the people around you takes a lot out of a person. I'll do the best I can!
Hey! Listen!
Alright so here's the deal:
I've been back at school for a good few weeks now, and I made the mistake of taking on a bunch of free time projects at once.
Did I mention that was a mistake? That was a mistake. My homework's gotten done (....mostly) but everything else has been barely worked on, since I jumped from project to project, as well as dealt with some personal drama.
So! Here's the plan! I'm sorry to say this after already missing updates, but I'm going to take a quick one week break, and just focus on schoolwork. My other extra projects are going to get managed back down to a reasonable state, colour the last two pages properly, and I'll get the next chapter's comic pages entirely scripted. (This has been the longest chapter yet and it's so weird, it took me almost exactly a year?)
While you're waiting, if you're bored, that cat kid still needs questions! They probably won't be able to answer very well, though, they've got some technical issues popping up...
Hey, sorry, colour will be up either late tonight or early tomorrow! For now : sleeeeeep
Art school, man. I've been drawing legs for the past week and a half. Legs. I can draw great legs now! But also I'm putting my foot down and refusing to draw legs for this page.
Okay guys, sorry for how updates have been going lately, but! The end of the chapter is approaching! Which means if you have any weird thoughts or strange questions to ask that kid with the cat ears, the comment section might be a great place to do it.
Alright, so- there might be a schedule change for updates in the next few months, because I have a class right smack in the free time I usually use for making the page! I'll try to work it out, thank you in advance for your patience during these scheduling antics.
Sorry for all the missed updates lately! My life is getting more hectic as college approaches again. I'll try to at least keep you guys more in the loop!
Does Sam have any hearing aids at all right now?
hahaha kira
also i think nisha will be able to just. cover sam in all those hearts, soon, like the best blanket ever
Shading later today! I'm still sorting things out, sorry
So I'm having minor script difficulties, along with running around for the fourth of July. For a peace offering, have a small sketch, the next page should be up on Tuesday!
I will shade and effect this page later today! For now, i have work in the morning and I have to shove a cat off my bed before I can use it.
I am sorry for the missed week, I was on a trip and busy like 24/7. I only got back in last night!
@evercloseyoureyes: another example of how your characters are much, much smarter than mine
Hey, sorry for the missed update!
Sorry for the missed update, guys! My last final kicked my butt so hard that I ended up three cities away, and I had to hike back. Took a while.
*aggressively wears badly-designed tshirts around sam*