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It seems we have come across an adventurer, battling our hero's brother Green.(Don't worry I will be doing johto, this is just all I'm showing of it :o)
Person(s) reading this I am going to make a few pages and post them whenever so some days I might have a double update, triple, or even a quadrupal, but I'ma try and update as much as I can.
(Need to do stuff for school, and clans, I'm very busy.)
I had a dream of this once, me strolling along in the tall grass and then getting eaten by a Lugia.
I found my tablet thingy. :D Now I'm Hopefully back to updating -.-
I'm sorry, but I'm going on Hiatus for some time, lost my tablet cable, gonna be looking for that for a while, It will be back HOPEFULLY Next week! Sorry Every reader of this D:

I might get one or 2 pages up later today reader(s)
M'kay I'll try doing that.
Ugh, I hope this is any good -.-
Sorry if it's crappy drawing, but the description thingy says that this is practice for my HORRIBLE drawing skills or something like that. Meh, at least I'm going to try and do my whole schedule thingy.
Cool, I think I'm going to work on my next sprite now.
March 30th, 2010
After 2 months it is back!

RUN AWAY WHILE WE STILL CA- *gets shot by dora in the face with eye lazorz*
Oh no! We will all be confused of what is happening!
Eh, pretty decent, the characters could use a little more work, also why does Phineas say Now and then, the comunist make us work and speak bad english, twice?
Anyway, love the comic. :D
Good work!
February 3rd, 2010
Sorry.. School is just to trying just falling asleep before I can update!
just because of my lazyness here is a hyper spoiler:
The nerd(Cube head) was brainwashed by Cyclopse and is now good and evil, you can help by favoriting this comic! the more favs the more that he gets away from it! also he gets a super powerup soon.
February 1st, 2010
Sorry bout page 16, gonna keep it like that. I like it like that.
Anyway! Woot for more color, it is all thanks to my tablet.
Edit: Sorry if it's to small, kinda forgot to save as png and edited till 402 K.B in bmp so it's puny.
chapter 2
Woot for color :D Might change back to black and white(made it color and diff bodies because I was bored, and because I thought it would look cool)
Random doodles?
Big badda boom!