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This page is so heart breaking ;_; I just want to give a big hug to Joa ;_; ... And I've already said it in the live but this blood looks amazing Anni ! Good work <3
Congrats !
Wow five years already , time passes by fast ;v; ! Congratulations <3 !

For how they could celebrate ... Hum . I think Dylan isn't much of a party guy so just chilling at home with Joa , eating a cake made by Joa himself (He is good at cooking so, I assume that this is posible ! ) , watch a movie and then cuddle a lot ... ? I guess that's what I imagine for those cuties eheh ~ :3
I like how shy is Dylan asking this ~ This is too cute >w<
That is one of the reasons why I love Dylan so much , he is too cute *dies*

Great pages as always <3
Since the beginnig of your comic , I thin I might have died of cuteness countless time <3 ! I love how they start bit by bit their relation >w< ! Good job buddies >3< !

And died of waiting with cliffhangers too =w= But I like cliffhangers *v*
So Much love <3 Kaidou seems so happy !
I am relieved that he isn't going to stop just for that XD

For him it may be just a scratch XD
Nooo Kuragi ;_; Fight a little more ;_; Keep it up !!
First time commenting ~ Yeah
Ah , I kinda feel bad for Hisawa ;_;
I know that feeling bro' ! Good luck dealing whith it <3

Yeah Aki , careful there with the yukata XD Too much sexy ness gives headechs XD

Do I sense some "I am talking to AKi but I want Hisawa to hear it " , in Kaidou's voice ? XD You cutie <3

Well , first time commenting on your comic , even if I stalk it from the very beginning * I am such a bad fan XD *

Ah and sorry if there are mistakes in my English , I am not a native english speaker ;v; Kisses from France >0< !
Hello ~
Han mais elle est très bien cette page *_* Ca fais du bien de revoir Gael >w<
Cute Ellain
Ahah do not try to understand Ellain ... You'll never find out why =//w//= ~<3

And I take the time to say that I love your comic and that I've being following it since a long time , keep on doing well we support you *o* <3
Aah I keep on reading your comic over and over again , I always love to do that ( I must be weird )

Keep it on Joa ! Maybe Dylan will listen to you and go out of this closet ~ Dylan is so cute here all worked up , or maybe freaking out , ahah <3
Well one more week to wait until the next udpate *o*
@Orwell: Oh ca fais plaisir de voir des français par ici *o*
So good to read !
Aww Dylan is so cute <3 His shyness sure came back quickly ~

Aaah poor Joa , wasn't expecting that runaway thing XD

I am so loving this comic XD ~ Even if I didn't comment during this year that I have been following "Transfusion " ;_; Sorry (And sorry for the bad English ;v;)

I send you all my love and support from France >w< (And for Joa too , poor little boy XD <3)
Too cute
I love this comic so much , it's so cute *.* And the art is amazing *A*