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@nevernever: Haha, well, that's just how good it is! Seriously, it's simply brilliant!! You're welcome! I know how much a comment means when it's sincere, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and adore your story. Well, I guess at first glance, it'd be childish, but I felt it was more than that. And well, it really is poetic, and I love that part. Not only the words, that are like their own kind of art, but your ability to mix the phrases, the textures, colours and emotions create one whole big poem together. Kind of.
It's a good kind, I assure you!
Just WOW. Capitalized.
I've never really seen any need to create an account before, but dude, this made me want to sincerely post a comment. It's got to be the most beautiful comic I've ever read, and I'm really glad, and this you definitely deserved, the grand prize.
The pictures are perfect in an imperfect way, which I think is brilliant I tell you, and you manage to balance childish, poetic and serious superbly! It's beautiful and well-thought-out and I jsut want to read it over and over again until I could recite it in my sleep.
I think I could rant on and on about how wonderful it is, but I guess I'll stop here for now.
This totally made my day, and made me feel giddy all over.
You're amazing ♥