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Name: Sav
Age: 16
Grade: 9th
I'm a hard worker who would like to improve and learn more about art! :D
I have many hobbies and spend most of my time on the computer :P
you can find me on DA here

I'm taking honors so I'll be pretty busy with school but I'll try to update at least 1 to 2 pages a week, hope you enjoy my comics. :)

love this page
I don't know why but I do OwO
not much
Not much to say really, hope you all enjoy it! :)
if you are one of my readers you probably noticed that I have made some improvements with in my work! YAY! <(OwO)>
Sadly that means it's going to take me longer to do them =w=; boo~
You see...
I suck when it comes to managing accounts, or even figuring out the sites for that matter. The thing is, I may seem new but I've had at least three accounts on this site just try to figure it out how to use them (I deleted them all...I think) with in those struggles I downloaded a comic known as 'Wanna-Be' I have improved GREATLY since then (as you can see) so I shall start a new! hope you enjoy!
love this
I loved how this turned out! :D
Personally I think everyone is a little geeky/nerdy, no? OwO
No work that quarter B)
No, this 'technically' never happened!
but I did do a little test to see how high I could keep my grade average without studying and then eventually I also stopped paying attention; have to admit best 4th quarter ever!
the worst grades I had received were in Physical Science (A- to C+ average in one quarter) and global studies (A+ to B- average in one quarter)
Global Studies I Had to study but didn't pay attention at all I swear I was out of it!
Physical Science I did absolutely nothing but read, chat and doodle and I still had a passing average!!
Yeah, I'm that awesome
Now Korbe does pay attention (not always...) and keeps a some what C- average to a D- so she's so proud of her slef when she does better than me
New people!
This was made for my sister shortly after Kieth dumped her (so obviously the one tide to the left pole is Kieth)
Now the characters aren't all that new even James is even there by Kieth's side stating out the obvious
I'm also in it (the one with boxing gloves) and Ashley (with the chain saw) and Bri (to the far right) other characters in that box is my sister's Panda and Mr. Koo-laid
other than that you have my sister, her ex-friend Ahmed and her hamster
Then my character Kiniky
been a while
been a while, I know but I didn't get my BAMBOO pen till late in July; plus I'm slow at all this and I didn't want to just upload one picture at a time...
I know that's no excuse, sorry

The background I struggled with along with the speech bubbles =w=;
I'm using Corel Painter Essentials 4 so if you have any methods of such I'd be grateful if you shared!!

anyway yes, this happened; ya see James was in a unsafe state of mine for both him self and and others so he spent some time at a mental hospital, (this happens every blue moon so not much a big deal and he's fine now). Korbe was lonely of course but more importantly she wanted a Coke!
by the end of day she got her Coke
been a while
I know it's late and all but I JUST got my pen so I pretty sure from now on you'll be seeing more entries at the least once a week :)
well duh Iran man would win, since batman can only rely on his little toys :P if it was a sexy contest then batman would win! XD
Yeah, that's Kiana for ya
so with this I only did flat coroling, since I was kinda lazy...Sorry, please forgive me
I'll have the next page up soon

Sorry to say this will be the last page of this for a while since my BAMBOO pen to my pad broke :(
for a friend
This is a gift I did for my friend Korbe, sadly though to say they broke up -_-" but teen lover doesn't last :P
has anyone ever asked you if you thought a teacher looked hot? or sexy, for that matter? O.o
Call me immature if ya want I just can't check out mt teachers! it's nasty

Any way this is the first time I used the program on one of my comic pages and I think I can understand why it takes so long to do it O.o UURGH!

I'm in this one and some random peer, and I based the teacher off of Mr. Allen my Global Study teachers in which I respect to much to look at in such a light as some of my peers do. since the thought just leads me to be all like:
Just for you
This was a special little comic I did for my sister. Apparently her friends and boyfriend are abscessed with her boobs; One day she was cracking up saying she wouldn't be surprised if there was a club for them; so I drew her the comic

In this one there are is Gram (to the left at third panel and the right on the fourth), Miranda (second to the left on the third panel and second to the right on the fourth panel), Ashely (third to the right on the third panel, second to the left on the fourth panel and to the far right at the bottom), bri (far right on the third panel and second to the left on the fourth panel), Kieth (first panel, far left on the fourth panel, in the pop-up below, and in the fifth panel), my sister and me! (in the last panel)
I shall explian
O I should probably explain...Ya see in the beginning as you can see in the comic, James WAS dating Kaylnn but they broke up and now it's James and Korbe! At any rate before they were dating the whole class capt asking if they were dating or going out because they were such close friends. Oddly enough when our class heard they were dating every second for the rest of the year you'd always hear someone pester them, shouting PAD! Even though they weren't really doing anything new vs what they did as friends I thought it was funny
This is for my friend Korbe, She finally got her guy! lol JamesXkorbe

In this one you see Korbe and James (duh) Lizzie (top right corner 1st panel, and left on the bottom), Carlton (black guy in the middle), Nic (bottom left), and some black kid with an fro-hock in my class
Now I just got lazy :P I so can do better, and shouldn't have rushed this like I did...O well! ^_^
took to long
Though I think this is the best of yet I have submitted it took way to long to put together :P
A lil. late :P
This is REALLY late I know, but I've been busy with school so :P